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Ultimate Guide to Hair Shine Spray

Have you ever noticed the girls on magazine covers, runways, or Instagram and how perfectly shiny and smooth their hair is? And don’t you dare to lie that you have never felt envy of that salon-looking hairstyle. So we are here today, to reveal the secret behind all those picture-perfect hair looks – it’s the hair gloss spray. Keep on reading and find out all you need to know about a spray for shiny hair.

What is hair shine spray?

Shine spray is a gloss-enhancing, frizz-fighting hairstyle finishing spray.  When applied, spray instantly boosts reflective shine, reflective agents in gloss sprays make light bounce off causing natural hair to look more vibrant and healthy-looking. In addition, shine spray fights with flyaways, frizz, and reduces static making your hairstyle appear sleek and give that salon-like finish. As a result, your hair feels smooth, soft, and radiates lively sheen.

What’s the difference between a shine spray and a hair spray?

It is true that both products have many things in common, as fighting frizz and flyaways, providing sheen. The main difference lays in the essence of both products. Shine spray is used to add instant gloss while providing minimal hold. Meanwhile, hair spray is designed to ensure maximum hold with a touch of sheen. And yes, these products can be used together, only be careful and do not overdo it, as it may weigh your hair down and make them appear greasy.

How to correctly use shine spray?

To lightly apply hair shine spray and create a silky smooth hairstyle, hold the product 15-20 centimeters away from your head and mist it on your dry, already styled hair. The other way to use it would be applying spray into your palms and gently tap it onto the surface of your locks.

What hair shine spray to choose for your hair type?

Shine spray can be used on any hair type is chosen correctly. If you have fine, thinning hair or your locks tend to get greasy fast do not skip shine spray but use a lightweight mist option that wouldn’t flatten strands even more. If your hair is wavy or curly choose oil-based sprays that would enhance shine and provide additional moisture at the same time.

And that is all you need to know about hair shine spray. Be bold, be beautiful, and create that envy-worthy hairstyle.

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