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How to Fix Enlarged Skin Pores

Do you struggle with overly large pores to the point that it adversely affects the appearance of your skin? Unfortunately, it’s a common problem and one that people have to deal with at some level. So what can you do about it?

Simply put, once the pores on the skin get blocked, they tend to get bigger, especially if they are not treated correctly. Hence if you’re dealing with such a problem, then it is essential to understand what makes skin pores appear larger than they ought to be. Only then can you obtain a good understanding of what actions to take to rectify the situation.

What causes enlarged skin pores?

Skin pores can become enlarged for a variety of reasons. This includes genetics, environmental damage, and inadequate skincare regimen. Regardless of the underlying causes, it occurs because sebum and dirt get collected on the sides of the pores, and this is what makes them appear more prominent. Pores also often get bigger because of incorrect exfoliation – the dead skin gets collected, and they work as a plug, blocking the pores.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fix enlarged pores from adopting a better skincare regimen to undergoing a skin needling treatment like Dermapen 4. That said, it would be best to start with something simple, like starting a good skincare regimen.

Never put your face directly under hot shower water because when you do this, the flexibility is minimized. If the pores are becoming bigger because of your oily skin, you need to restrict exfoliation to 2 to 3 times a week continually. And keep in mind to utilize exfoliants that use spherical granules.

If the lack of skin flexibility is the reason behind enlarged pores, you should utilize skincare products that increase fibroblast activity. Apply sunblock every day, and make it a point of removing makeup when you are going to bed at night. If you leave makeup on during the night, it can age your skin quickly.

Professional Solutions for Enlarged Pores

If you were hoping for a solution that is much more extensive, then you might want to consider getting a professional solution for reducing pores on your skin. One good example is a treatment called microdermabrasion, which peels the outer layer of the skin by pulling out the blackheads. A suction device is then used to siphon oil and dirt from the pores and restoring its flexibility. When the natural oil reaches the surface of the skin, the pores return to their natural shape because there is absolutely nothing that will enlarge them.

Another approach for reducing skin pores comes in the form of non-surgical facelifts that use radiofrequency to warm subcutaneous dermal tissues. This results in the contraction of the existing collagen fibers encourage fibroblast migration and promote brand-new collagen development.

Last but not least is a recent development in skincare treatment known as skin needling (micro-needling). The procedure uses a technique called “Collagen Induction Therapy”. A hand-held device with surgical-grade needles is rolled onto the surface of the skin, creating tiny puncture wounds on the upper epidermis. This triggers the release of fibroblast, which, in turn, raises elastin and collagen levels to regenerate, invigorate and revitalize the damaged skin.

How often to do micro-needling depends on how quickly the skin recovers from the treatment. Recovery can take up to 12 weeks, after which the process can be safely repeated until the desired results are obtained.

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