How does a complete anti-hair fall treatment help fight hair fall?

Are you on the verge of losing hope over constant hair fall? What if we told you that the solution lies not just in a shampoo for hair fall but in a complete treatment targeting the very roots of the problem? It’s time to delve deeper into understanding how a comprehensive anti-hair fall treatment can pave the way for healthier locks and a confident you.

Understanding Anti-Hair Fall Treatments

An anti-hair fall treatment is an expertly crafted regimen designed to combat hair fall at its very source. The majority of these treatments focus intensely on the scalp. Why? Because the scalp is the foundation of your hair, and a healthy scalp often equates to stronger, resilient hair. Just like plants thrive in fertile soil, your hair thrives on a well-nourished scalp.

A robust anti-hair fall treatment rejuvenates the scalp, ensuring a fertile ground for hair to grow stronger and resistant to daily stressors. With the right ingredients and technology, these treatments address the root causes of hair fall.

Venturing into Kérastase India’s offerings, their Genesis range emerges as a beacon for those battling hair fall.

Two products from this range deserve your attention:

  1. Genesis Ampoules Cure Anti-Chute Fortifiantes Treatment: This intensive scalp treatment for hair fall reduces risk factors associated with hair fall, ensuring fortified and resilient hair. Infused with potent ingredients such as Ginger Root and Arginine, this treatment replenishes the scalp, ensuring a healthier hair growth environment. Designed for weakened hair prone to falling, this treatment provides a concentrated burst of active ingredients to reinforce the hair.
  1. Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Serum: This treatment serum acts like a shield, minimising daily hair fall and promoting stronger, healthier hair. It boasts a combination of potent ingredients like Aminexil, Edelweiss Native Cells and Ginger Root, that nourish the scalp while strengthening hair fibres. Suitable for daily use, it offers a non-greasy formula that works tirelessly to combat hair fall.

Your Ideal Haircare Routine

To truly harness the potential of these star products, incorporating them into a holistic hair care routine is pivotal. Here’s what an ideal hair care routine should look like:

  1. Kickstart your regimen with a shampoo formulated for hair fall. Try the Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo which gently cleanses the hair, removing impurities, and strengthening it from root to tip. Choose from its two variants for oily and dry hair.
  2. Follow it up with a moisturising conditioner for hair fall such as the Genesis Fondant Renforçateur Conditioner. It restores hair fibre and reinforces its natural resistance to reduce the risk of hair fall.
  3. Seal in the benefits from your shampoo and conditioner with Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Serum. This serum ensures your hair is protected and strengthened throughout the day.
  4. For the ultimate pampering session, you can also use the Genesis Masque Reconstituant Mask when you shampoo your hair. You can enhance your routine with this nourishing mask which deeply nourishes and fortifies hair, combating hair fall due to breakage. Its rich formula provides intense care, leaving hair feeling revitalised and resilient.

In your battle against hair fall, it’s not just about finding a shampoo or a conditioner for hair fall; it’s also about embracing a holistic treatment. Kérastase India’s Genesis range offers just that — a comprehensive solution designed with expertise. So, as you embark on this journey to reclaim the strength and vitality of your hair, remember that with the right products and commitment, every strand of your hair can tell a story of resilience and beauty.

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