Choosing Maternity Dresses for Office and Casual Wear 

When you get pregnant, your clothes will fit well for the first few weeks before the bump starts taking shape. After that, you will have no choice but to find those clothes at the back of the closet that you considered too big before or go shopping for new maternity clothes. You will need to choose your outfits for the office if you are working and also those you can wear on a casual basis. Here’s a short guide to help you pick out the most comfortable yet stylish maternity wear:


When you are looking for clothes to wear for the better part of your pregnancy and the first few weeks after, you want to make sure that you are comfortable in them. You will be dealing with a lot more from crazy cravings to those looks by random strangers, and the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable.

The fabric used to make your maternity clothes will often determine most of the comfort. You should consider getting soft and silky materials such as cotton. These are usually well-knit with no prickly ends and scratchy hems. If you are allergic to any fabric, make sure to stay away from those.


Instead of going out and buying a whole new closet to wear for just a few months, consider restyling clothes that you have already. You could leave a few buttons open on your shirt or completely open with a vest inside. You could reach the back of the closet for those clothes that were too big.  You could also improvise with your jeans and pants by leaving the top button undone and using an elastic band to prevent them from sliding down or hanging at the top.

Another money saver would be to find shirts and t-shirts from your partner’s closet. They are bound to be big enough to fit you, at least in the first few months before the belly grows seriously big.


As most moms have found, the key to ling-lasting maternity clothes is elasticity. If you buy clothes with a fixed size you will outgrow them in a matter of days. Tight clothes are not only uncomfortable but also put pressure on the uterus and your abdomen.

You will never go wrong with soft and stretchy materials. They accommodate your growing belly and will go back to their original size after delivery, so they will look pretty good even when you are nursing. This flexibility will save you a lot of money and give you a variety of options when dressing up. Such clothes are also great for both official and casual setting; you just have to choose your colours right.


If you are trying to find something that looks official enough for work, it would be advisable to go with solid and dark colours. Brighter colours look unofficial even on regular clothes. You should also avoid too much detail such as complex patterns and designs. Some are bound to exaggerate your bump and others will give an awkward appearance. Some of the best colours to choose from include black, grey, dark shades of blue, green and maroon.

For an evening out, however, you can choose from a wide variety of designs. You could also accessorize and show a little more skin without the official standards.


You need to keep in mind that your maternity wear will only be in use for a few months before your body goes back to its pre-pregnant size. It would, therefore, be wise not to spend too much on them. You’ll need this money for other baby stuff like baby monitors for monitoring your bubs activities.

There are many designers and high-end fashion lines exclusively selling maternity wear. Depending on the brand, you can get anything from the most exaggerated prices to a decent collection for a good price. Make sure that you take your time to go through the best deals available so that you can stock up without spending half of your budget on it.

You can even borrow clothes from close friends and family who are not using theirs anymore.


Pregnancy will definitely increase your trips to the washroom, so you want to make sure that your clothes are easy to remove and put on. You don’t want to be fumbling over ten buttons while holding your bladder and trying not to pee on yourself. This is not even healthy – a full bladder puts pressure on your internal organs including the uterus.

Clothes with a zipper or Velcro are generally good options in this regard. You should be able to simply lift your dress or pull down your pant, which is why an elastic band would be a good choice.


Breathability refers to how well your clothes can aerate. You want to make sure that your maternity clothes don’t trap too much heat in on a hot day or lose precious warmth on a cold day. Aeration is important in temperature control which is a very important aspect of comfort. This will also be important for choosing baby clothes such as comfortable one-pieces for your little boy or girl.

In conclusion, choosing maternity clothes is not nearly as hard as it seems. You just need to look out for good deals, check the fabric, make a good choice of colours for official wear and make sure that they are easy to remove and wear. If you are looking to save money, look in your closet, your partner’s and those of your friends for wearable options before heading out for a shopping trip.

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