8 Types of Tops for Every Modern Singaporean Women

Singapore has changed a lot over time due to rapid economic development. The country has become one of the richest in the east. Almost all multinational companies try to make their presence felt with their brands in Singapore. One of the sectors that have practically made it almost mandatory to do business in the place is the fashion sector, particularly women’s fashion. People say that if anywhere in the world, style from the west meets east, it is in Singapore. The place has everything for women to look beautiful, fashionable, daring, and bold.

The most popular are dresses, party wear, formals, casual wear. One of the most popular clothing for almost all women in Singapore are the tops. They have various tops to choose from like crop top and many other designs to look smart and attractive. It is time to look for the latest trends for the tops so that any women staying in Singapore can move looking fashionable.

Popular Trendy Tops for Women

With the latest fashions for women going global at a rapid pace, Singapore is no exception. women in Singapore try their best to stay with time and wear the prettiest looking tops to look smart and elegant.

  1. Button-down shirts – It is time to go for the button-down shirts to look attractive and trendy. They are perfect for any occasion to work anywhere in style. These shirts can be considered as formal as well as casual tops, and they go perfectly with pants or matching skirts. One can buy them from any of the online stores like Yishion Singapore, Lovefioyo, and many others or visit the swanky offline stores and look for the top international brands like Dressabelle before sealing the deal.

  1. Sleeve tops – Many women in Singapore love to wear sleeve tops. They are quite popular in Singapore. Try the flared sleeve tops, puff sleeve tops, ruffle sleeve tops, or the wrap top in puff sleeve and bring out your femininity.

  1. Blouse – It is time to shop for the blouse and wear them with a pair of jeans or shirts. If you are on the beaches, try them with the shorts and the wrapper-on. Wear the front button blouse, the mandarin collared blouse, the front tie blouse, or the pleated shoulder blouse, and look amazingly attractive. Wear them on various occasions and feel the difference. One can find blouses in a variety of designs and select the compositions according to the event. Many of the designs can be worn as formals and look stylish and appealing and more confident in the workplace.

  1. Camisole tops – This type of tops is of high demand and worn by many women in Singapore. It is time to explore and try the cross-back camisoles with oval neck, the halter neck keyhole camisoles, the tie-dye cami with button bow, the ruffled eyelet camisole and look sensuous showcasing your inner beauty. The camisoles are one of the most popular dresses for modern Singapore women to look bold and beautiful.

  1. Loose tops – If you are looking to breathe more, it is best to wear the loose tops that are in fashion these days. Wear the cape sleeved loose tops with floral prints or the eyelet halter tops that are loose and stay relaxed. Wearing the asymmetrical draped top will help every woman to stay comfortable wearing them as well as look smart and beautiful. Again, the oversized shirts with V-neck or the embroidered shirts are also some of the great stuff to beat the heat and enjoy life in Singapore. Wear the sleeveless tops that are of front-tie design or the pleated back, sleeveless top, and look gorgeous.

  1. Tees – One of the best casual wears for every modern-day Singapore women are the tees. They are not only made from soft fabrics so that one can feel comfortable but also priced cheap when compared with other types of tops. One can get some of the best tees of local as well as many international brands in various designs, colors, styles, or prints. Wear them at home or go out it clubs and pubs feeling relaxed. Get them in round neck style, trimmed style, cut-out shoulder style with the most intelligent and witty messages written on them. One can also look for the geometric and floral prints and buy them to move in style yet carrying the oomph.

  1. Tank tops – If you are looking to be a bit daring with your tops, then go for the tank tops and showcase your inner beauty. Buy them made from lace material with frills on the sleeves, or the mock neck top with the bow-tie design. Try the peplum tank tops or the lace bustier tank tops with zippers at the back and look wonderful. Go for the spaghetti strap tank tops to be bolder and more beautiful. There are a variety of designs in tank tops, and it is hard to resist wearing them.

  1. Crop tops – The latest craze for almost all fashion-conscious women in Singapore is to wear a crop top. As little show-off of the tummy region wearing them can change your looks to a much extent. Get admired by all wearing many varieties of these tops. Wear the strappy tops, the tops with ruffled shoulders, the front slit tops in solid and multiple colors and fabrics and showcase your beauty. It is time to flaunt your curves and look gorgeous wearing these types of tops.


With fashion changing fast, the gals in Singapore is keeping up the pace and wearing some of the most popular tops. The local and the international brands, as well as the online stores like Yishion Singapore and offline stores, are giving them ample opportunity to choose the best tops as per their built. Almost all women in Singapore love to stay updated with the latest trends in fashion, wearing the best tops apart from other trending dresses. Singapore has created its identity with designer clothes, and the modern-day women feel the pride to wear them. It has become one of their national prides.

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