3 Tips to Buy the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

An engagement ring is the symbol of your lifelong commitment to your spouse and selecting the ideal ring is a sign that how well you know each other. The ring should be suitable for your spouse now and in the future, so it should be tailored according to their tastes and should also be a timeless style at the same time.

Here are the tips for buying the engagement ring in Singapore to last for eternity.

  1. Determine your budget

First things first, price is the most important factor here. Consider your perfect budget and stick to it. When you stress about the price during or after you buy it may steal all the joy out of you. You can put in your two months’ salary or consider how important the ring could be to your spouse. In some culture, ring is all about a symbol of wealth and power, but for some it is just a simple, unique symbol of your relationship. Determine how much you are willing to spend and keep in mind that you have to consider the budget for wedding and honeymoon too!

  1. Determine the right size

If planning a surprise engagement, there are many ways to get the ring size of your spouse. One of the simplest ways to do that is to get one of her current rings and take it to a jewelry store to get it measured. This will be a ring she puts it on her left. If the ring is not the perfect size, then don’t stress too much. There are many resizing options available too.

  1. Determine the right style

This is the hardest part of the game. Choosing rings can be hard, particularly if your partner is picky. There are many ways to get the best choice for your partner. Check if they are into glam and glitz or just natural and understated. If they are into vintage, then vintage style or custom made ring is the best for them. You can select anything ranging from diamonds to colored gems and styles and metals to make a fully custom made ring. You can get in touch with a jeweler to turn your old heirloom jewelry into something new. You can also consider your spouse’s lifestyle. If they have an active lifestyle, then choose a low profile ring.

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