What Type of Shoes should I Wear if I am Short

October 26, 2015 |

When w go to market to buy a pair of shoes it becomes tough sometimes to select which shoes are best for my size. Well if you are petite then considerate some points that what kind of shoes you can wear according to your body size. You have to go on with the dressing and the shoes. Sometimes it depends on the body type too that if you are a peer shaped girl, rectangular figure or apple figure because these body types also affect the selection of shoes. To elongate the legs and body there are some shoes that a short gild should wear and I will also tell you about what kind of shoes you should avoid. A right type of shoe enhances you and has a great effect on your height but going with wrong one will surely let down the size.

•    Well if you are a petite girl then avoid wearing round toe shoes that will give you an impression of tiny girl.
•    Always go with long heels that elongate your legs.
•    It is said that flats are not made for short girls that’s why they must ignore the flats to wear.
•    But sometimes short girls are looking in trouble to handle long heels and even keep away from the enjoyment of life that’s why they have to wear flats. But if your choice is flat shoes then concentrate at the pointed shoes that have strong illusion of making you tall.
•    Keep 3 inches distance between the dress and the shoes opening at legs.
•    Stay away from wearing long skirts with the ankle high boots as it is ridiculous where the dress end and where the shoes start.
•    Mid calf boots or knee high shoes definitely shorten your body that’s why doesn’t let yourself down.
•    Blocked heel ankle pair will best for short girls in winter.
•    You can go with wedges too.
•    Single strapped heels sandals will also works good for short girls.

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