What Rules You should Follow When You Wear a Suit Jacket with Jeans?

October 22, 2015 |

Rules for Pairing a Suit Jacket with Jeans:

A suit jacket is actually a jacket that is used with pant suit. I mean a jacket that is usually used with a formal or office pant suit. I hope now you understand very well, what jacket, I am talking about. Now day’s people are using different pieces of with some other pieces. In this way by using pairing technique they can create lots of outfits. Similarly, now days a trend that is becoming very popular is the use of suit jacket with jeans. Now the question that may be circulating in your mind is “whether I can wear a suit jacket with a jeans?” so dear the answer is simply yes because it is possible but when you pair a suit jacket with a jeans then you need to follow some rules so that you can pair best one & get compliments from others. Read the following rules!

1)    Yes, it is possible to wear a suit jacket with jeans but dear don’t ever think to wear a pinstripe suit jacket with jeans because it looks odd & very clearly told other that you wear a suit jacket with jeans. So, use simple plain suit jacket.

0 pintstrip jacket avoid

2)    The short size suit jacket looks nice with jeans as compared from long suit jacket. So, choose a suit jacket that is short in size when you want to wear it with jeans.
3)    Make sure that the Jacket is accurately fit according to your size. Measure shoulder, length, width etc. Choose a suit jacket in which you can move your arms easily.
4)    What about style? Choose a suit jacket with jeans whose style is timeless. If required then upgrade jacket buttons. Replace the old with new & trendy. I think two or three button are enough.
5)    Jacket’s Fabric should go best with jeans denim stuff. Tweed stuff suit jacket looks nice with blue jeans while in case of colorful jeans the velvet stuff suit jacket can also be used. The small pattern suit jacket is also best with jeans.

1 Single Breasted Jacket 2 tweed stuff jacket with jeans

6)    The colors of suit jacket that you can choose with blue jeans are navy blue, light, dark & medium gray, blue etc.
7)    The jeans should also never be ill fitted. Choose slim straight jeans because it is best option.
8)    Try to pair stylish shoes such as high heel, pointed toe, sneakers, strappy, etc.
3 embellished jacket for parties

9)    You have to decide wisely which shirt you should tuck in jeans or which not as shown below in pictures.
4 blue jeans with gray jacket 5 Single Breasted Jacket for Woman

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