Ways To Wear Collar Neck Jewelry

September 18, 2014 |

Collar neck jewelry

If you are worried that how you will to wear collar necklace with close neckline shirts and neck collar shirts. Then you are on the right page. Dresses trend alternated time to time and introduced latest and stunning mode. Now a day, simple close neckline, collar neckline and V-shapes neckline are latest and modern trend among girls’ dresses and the problem is that which and how jewelry will be suitable these latest outfits. Here, I am going to tell some exclusive ideas how you can wear collar necklaces with trendy and newest close neckline dresses. These collar statement are simply necklaces in the form of rounded or sometimes pointed collars made from metal with garnishing of stones, beads and pearls materials or either embellished cloth necklaces. Let’ observe that how you can wear statement collar necklaces.

Layers style necklace with pointed collar

1 golden Collar Necklace

Now men collar style dresses are also wear by girls. This mode is increasing day by day among the modish teenager girls. In this picture, you can see that layer style jewelry gold metal jewelry looks fantastic and classy. This triple layers necklace decked with skull and looks most stunning with pointed collar.

Rounded neck top necklace

2 black Collar Necklace

Blended and flexible ready made garments mostly featured by close round necklines. This necklace is wearing with rounded neckline white color sweater. Black statement necklace entirely decked with black luminous stones.

Stunning neck collar jewelry

3 white Collar Necklace

This is one of the best jewelry items with pointed collar shirt. This necklace embellished with white crystals and stones in same pointed collar style and its closer ribbon or chain are hiding under the collar.  This necklace looks dazzling and gorgeous with white shirt.

unique neck collar necklace

4 Collar Necklace

Now a day, simple plain dresses are more prominent that printed outfits among girls’ outfits. They also wear looser rounded neckline blended shirt with jeans or tights. This is exclusive fabric embellished necklace that decked with beads, stones and chain. Closing side is on the front side of this distinctive collar necklace and this exudes allure for girls.

Here, you saw an alluring and exceptional collection of collar necklaces and learn which mode of collar necklace you can wear your gorgeous outfits. A lot variety of stunning and exclusive necklaces like lace necklace, beaded necklace, metal necklace, flowers necklace and pearls necklace is also included in this collection. These necklaces you can wear with party dresses, formal dresses and get together.

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