Ways to Tweeze Your Own Eyebrows

January 17, 2015 |

Tweezing eyebrows

Tweezing eye brows may be considered as little painful but it may lead to neat and divine appearance toward your face. There exist numerous shapes in eyebrows that can be done by tweezing with different ways.

Current presentation

Our currently drafted presentation is correlated with chinch and clear cut ideas to tweeze your eyebrows of your own in respective shapes whatever you want.

How we can tweeze our eyebrows easily

We are going to tell you the way to tweeze out your eyebrows of your own in accessibility. By following certain given instruction, you can achieve respective result which you want.
•    Brush your eye brow to dominate natural eyebrow shape
•    Mark beginning point from where you want to start
•    Mark arch
•    Mark end and note where it ends
•    Draw out perfect shape line with pencil which you want
•    Pluck corners
•    Pluck undersides
•    Repeat on other eyebrow
•    Don’t over pluck

Post review

Our drafted presentation is associated with display of various eyebrows tweezing ideas for our viewers,

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