Various Designs of Linen Lace Embellished Purses for Bridesmaids

March 5, 2016 |

Set of Bridesmaids Purses for Wedding:

Bridesmaids play a vital role in a wedding function. Without bridesmaids, the bride seems quite incomplete. Bridesmaids are considered essential members of a wedding party. The sister of bride, close friend, cousin or a colleague can play the role of Bridesmaid on a woman’s wedding. Usually unmarried young girls are chosen as bridesmaids. Religiously, it is believed that bridesmaids are necessary to outwit the evil spirits so that wicked spirits can never guess who is going to marry. Bridesmaids usually like to wear same style of clothes, footwears, jewelry etc. They like to make same hairstyles. Similarly, they like to hold same design clutches or purpose. Here, you can explore the linen stuff beautiful designs of purses for bridesmaids.

Heart Design Linen Purses Set for Bridesmaids:

1 heart design linen clutch

These are heart design clutches. The clutches are made with linen stuff while hearts are made with leather stuff. These are just perfect for supporting shabby chic wedding function. Shabby means a thing that is in some poor condition due to long use or anything that has some vintage touch is called shabby. Although these clutches are new but these are giving the impact of being old that’s why I said these are perfect for shabby theme weddings.

Personalized Button Closure Linen Clutches:

2 personalized grey linen clutch

These clutches are made by using grey color linen stuff. I call these clutches as “personalized clutches” because on each clutch the first alphabet of the name of each bridesmaid is written with thread embroidery. These purses can give your brides uniqueness even in crowd.

Flower Design Purses for Bridesmaids:

3 flower design linen clutches (2)

Into the above picture you can see that linen clutches are decorated with flowers. One flower is used on each clutch. You can use ribbon flower, or lace flower or crocheted flowers for decorating a simple linen clutch. The choice is yours. If you want to use more than one flower then I suggest you to use little size flowers.

Linen Clutches Embellished with Lace:

4 horizontal pattern lace embellished linen clutches (1)
Into the above picture you can see that now the linen clutches are decorated with Chantilly lace. The lace is used in horizontal pattern. You have two options. First one is to use same ivory color lace & second is to use a different piece of lace on each clutch. These are just perfect for supporting bohemian theme wedding.

5 linen clutches embellished with a complete layer of lace stuff (2)

Similarly, another is to way to wrap your purse into lace completely. It is called a layer of lace on purse as you can view into the above picture. These clutches are just perfect for using on beach theme, rustic theme as well as classic theme weddings.

6 lace & flower adorned cluthces  (1)

Into the above picture you can view that clutches are made with lightest skin color linen stuff. Then white color lace is used in horizontal pattern for the purpose of decoration of these simple clutches. In the last, one one flower is attached on each clutch. I love this romantic design. Just perfect for flower theme wedding!

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