Trendy Embroidered Art Silk Abaya Style suit Collection for Girls

May 23, 2016 |

Well I am excitedly writing about the collection of suits that are just like the style an abaya contains, I mean it is miraculous you are going to wear the abaya style suit that will catch the attention instantly. Nowadays abayas are making with full flares and trendy styles that is why there are more similarities between an abaya and dressing code. Well today I am showcasing you the embroidered art silk abaya style suits that have beautiful designs and of course the style too. Basically the trendy abayas have Kaftan, open front, gown, Moroccan, coat style and many other that is why designers have considered the all style enough to have in dressing too.
Now days embroidered abayas are also the best option to go with and here we assort the dresses with art silk embroidery on it. Mostly the Anarkali and full volume abaya have same mass so all the abaya style dresses in this assortment is just alike the Anarkali using art silk stuff. The embroidery on dresses has made the art silk stuff more terrific and in no time you will feel just glamorous having these suits.
Well you have choice to match dupattas with dresses and also the stoles normally paired with abayas but without dupatta you can make these suits modern too. Just come and make your choice incredible selecting the designs from my collection heavy with beautiful styles and patterns.

Art silk suit with dupatta:

1. Embroidered Art Silk Abaya Style suit for women

Navy blue and orange color dress has subtle hues having the intricate print and tints of embroidery on neckline. The navy dupatta with patterned ribbon work is looking great. The advantage of art silk fabric is that it gives the best look volume to dress and whenever you wanna have the abaya style flares then it’s good to go with art silk dressing code.

Sleeveless navy blue dress:

2. Embroidered Art Silk Abaya Style suit

The abaya style suit has thread machine work embroidery on Hamline and neckline while the rest of the dress is simple but with chain layering at waist to make the dressing style fantastic. This is the perfect party wear for girls that can wear by matching the classy jewelry items most importantly earrings compulsory jewel to make the face expressions gorgeous.

Bird feather inspired art silk outfit:

3. Embroidered Art Silk Abaya Style suit for women

I just love the dramatic volume of Hamline normally an Anarkali gown contains, moreover the feather inspired designing with print and embroidery on neckline is subtly making the dress wondrous. Wear it to any festival on which your every look would count, use hair accessory like vintage head crown by making hair up do or the messy curly side braid.

Fully embroidered art silk dress:

4. Embroidered Art Silk Abaya Style suit for women

The open front art silk embroidered red gown has matched with Capri trouser that has a good pair to wear in wedding functions. However the dress is fit to carry by a newlywed bride but young girls can also try this on their engagement celebration. Get the services of any saloon to enhance your Asian beauty having the classy makeover and hairstyle.

Fresh color dress for young girls:

5. Embroidered Art Silk Abaya Style suit for women

Well the dress has beauty of color codes like navy and ferozi creating the refreshing effects especially in summer days. Summer is the time, when you need to upgrade the wardrobe with accurate party wears for going to any festival, to make the festivity more fantastic get this one to ooze up the fashion demands.

Green half sleeve gown dress:

6. Embroidered Art Silk Abaya Style suit for women

The dress is sleeveless, but try to create ooze by getting an embroidered navy blue bolero jacket if you wanna dazzle this in spring or fall days that will surely make your style miraculous and create the trendy essence at all. Great border work and the fetching printing pattern have modern hues that are much more to try on any occasion.


While handling the art silk abaya style suits, wear high heel sandals to uplift your personal style statement amazingly. The art silk stuff is readily fit to carry for any season so trying to any event would be great deal.

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