Top 10 uneven and bad dress Styles that have been Worn Out by Female Fashion Iconic celebrities

November 8, 2015 |

Fashion and comfort

We all are aware that fashion have extreme connection with comfort. When people try to be over or different while removing segment of comfort, it became fashion disaster. I mean everything should be balanced and trying out to being over moderate can spoil out whole theme you wanted to show.

Current presentation

Our currently drafted presentation is a whole discussion about worst celebrity dressing that they have carried in public events specially at red carpet and alike events

Bollywood beauty katrina kaif spotted carrying foul red dress ( katrina in worst dressed)

0katrina in worst dressed

Katrina kaif: katrina kaif is considered as elevated indian actress who is nominated in divas of bollywood on behalf of her beauty and fashion styling facts and figures. people take katrina as their fashion icon specially girls.

But now we are going to show out that sometimes heavily exclusive fashion tasted celebs can also be mistaken sometimes when they start thinking that their every wearing would be a fashion trend after. In our spotted picture gorgeous and young beauty is just looking uncool and aged. The red dress she is carrying is not only uncomfortable but also very predictable in nature. Makeup she is carrying with dress is diminishing her fresh and cute appearance.

Kim kardashian worst dressing style ( gray embellished skirt worst dress)

1grey embellished skirt worst dress

Kim kardashian: kim kardashian is considered as elevated american celebrity and medial person who is well exalted for her makeup and dressing trends. Even makeup artists are huge fan of her makeup as she is always seen carried nude makeup.

Sometimes extreme changes in fashion may lower its standard in some cases and here we have presented a example. As you can seek through that kim has carried exclusive bold dressing which has very less from the top and floor length from the end. That’s surely a fashion blunder.

head piece with black worst dress Janelle Monae in worst dressed Lindsay Lohan in worst dress Meera in worst dress nida hussain in worst dressed Sofia Vergara in worst dress sparkle worst dress

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