Stylish Pant Suits Ideas for Office Going Women & Girls

July 28, 2015 |

Ladies Hot Pant Suits Collection:

Ladies who work in offices or in different working organizations, they are always in search of those outfits that match with their personality & give them a nice & decent look. They avoid wearing very stylish, shimmer, embroidered & fancy clothes. They prefer something graceful & refined. So, for them the straight pant suits in very light colors are just right choice. They can go with straight cut pants & one or two button (three buttons) blazers & collared neckline shirt. The high heel pumps, a branded wrist watch & a handbag (minimal jewelry it’s optional) are names of some accessories that can enhance the beauty of your overall personality. Let’s have a look at some latest & 2015-16 designs of pant suits for women. The brief description & pictures are here.

Women Straight Leg Pant Suit in Pink Color:

1 Straight Pant Suits for ladies hot collection  (1)

Pink straight cut pant with two button blazer & blue-white lining collared shirt is looking very nice. Fedora hat, a white clutch & pointed toe ankle strap footwear are those accessories that are adding a touch of style in her personality!

Straight Pant Suit for Women in Royal Blue Color:

2 Straight Pant Suits for ladies hot collection  (2)

Upgrade your personality by wearing this royal blue color straight pant suit with white collared shirt. The one blazer is looking very nice.

White Pant Suit for Ladies:

3 Straight Pant Suits for ladies hot collection  (4)

I think for working & office going women a white pant suit is a must-have dress. So, don’t forget to add this one into your wardrobe!

Drew Ankle Pant Suit in Light Turquoise Color:

4 Straight Pant Suits for ladies hot collection  (5)

It’s the right time to build your work wardrobe by adding this drew pant & three button blazer in light turquoise color with light yellow collared shirt. Wear matching footwear & hold a classy leather wallet in hand!

Mustard Pant Suit for Office Going Girls:

5 Straight Pant Suits for ladies hot collection  (8)

Make a bold statement into the street by wearing this mustard color pant suit with beige color pullover. A wrist watch with some bangles & bracelets can give a more styli look!

Hot Black Pant Suit for Girls Celebrity Inspiration:

6 Straight Pant Suits for ladies hot collection  (3)
This black color pant suit is looking quite hot & is perfect for attending evening parties & function. I must say what an elegant women pant suit!

Decent Ladies Pant Suit:

The choice is your now. You can go with light colors or neutral colors (white, black or grey). You can choose one button blazer, two button blazer or three button blazer. You can use a collared neckline shirt or a collarless shirt. You can also use a bow toe for getting more traditional & formal look. Pointed toe high heel footwear is best companion of women pant suit. For more ideas look down!


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