Step by Step Method of Wearing a Saree in a Simple & Most Usual Style

October 13, 2015 |

How to Wear a Saree in Simple Style?

Saree is Indian culture related attire that is used for getting a fascinating look by women & girls. Almost every age of women can wear it. Mostly this outfits suits a lot on smart & slim figure ladies who have height. In this age of modernism mostly girls prefer to wear western style clothes & that’s why they are forgetting how to wear a saree. It’s not tough only a little bit practice is required. Wearing a saree is full of fun. So, on the upcoming event you should try to wear a saree. Starts practice now!

1)    First of all, you need a saree, it is actually a long 6 or 5 yard piece of clothes with work on one side border. It is actually a piece of fabric used as a drape. Second you need a blouse, it is a top wear  that looks like a crop top that makes your midriff visible or a shirt waist length shirt that hide midriff part. It may be half sleeved, sleeveless or long sleeved. Thirdly, you need a Petticoat; it is a bottom wear that also called inner skirt.


1 saree


2 Petticoat


3 blouse

2)    How to Wear Saree? Well it’s not tough. First of all you need to wear petticoat & blouse.
3)    Try to wear petti coat firmly or tightly near waistline.
4)    Now tuck or pin up one corner (remember it is not the fancy pallu’s corner but it is the other simple corner of saree) of saree with the petti coat, firmly near the right side of navel.
5)    Now make 5 to 7 plates of equal size by using saree (from the corner which you tuck or pin with petti coat).
6)    Now once again tuck these plates into the petti coat near the little left side of navel. Then Pin these plates in a well way.
7)    Now days, mostly different tailors provide sarees with readymade plates so you never need to create plates with your own hands. So you can also go with readymade plated sarees.
8)    After plates, hold the remaining saree in hand & take it back & then once again bring it at front side. I mean you need to give complete turn to your saree (without tucking) from left to back & from back to right. Look into the following step by step picture for a detailed pictorial guide.

4 way of wearing saree

9)    Now hold saree in hand & add plates in such a way that embroidered border come at top plate. & throw it from right side to the left shoulder. These plates are optional if you never like then don’t add plate just throw saree pallu at back from right-side on left shoulder.
10)    Fix saree on shoulder with pin so that it cannot drape below again & again.

Wear high heel with saree & look graceful. For more ideas look below into the gallery of sarees!

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