Rock Stud Pumps and Shoes for Trendy Girls

May 30, 2016 |

Different style shoes for the fashionable girls

0. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

Women are always remain excited about their fashion because they want to   wear every time new and trendy  but some girls remain worried about which kind of heel  will be apt for their  feet which keep them   easy to  walk .after the dress the turn is your shoes which should be so elegant  because in the matter of dress everyone select  the good dress but  good shoes are bought  by  very  few people  so if you are  ready to purchase the  shoes then  see the  pictures of rock stud pumps and shoes  for your casual, formal and semi formal dresses. The rock stud is mostly in the Mattel color but these shoes remain evergreen because many ladies don’t like the   high heels due to the leg pain and back bone pain  and they feel uneasy in that type of sandal. Here I have some collection of rock stud pumps that you can wear with your any type of dress.
0+ Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

1.    Many people like the colorful things and they become fed up with the same colors like black, brown, white etc so with your rough jeans and the button down shirt you can carry this red color pointed stud ankle length pumps are great choice.
1. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

2.    Skin and red color pointed pumps are very nice you can carry it with maxi and the pants because it is semi formal and in the ball gown  you can carry it with your gown . This sandal is available in so many colors it is in the shape of gladiators also but it is flat and colorful sandal is also god in the summer season.
2. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls
3.    Brown color pointed  pumps with  copper stud  ankle length with three straps is looking very  decent and these types of shoes are best for the working ladies. In this style the nude color are also good to wear   for your job routine.
3. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

4.    The street style girls who want to carry with the  rock stud shoes then  can select  peep toe  cork  high heel sandal with the stud  the sandal is embellished with the stones and  it can be go with the  shorts and the slit dress because it is so fancy.
4. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

5.     Now the season of summer is  on to the its peak and women  are ready to wear light  stuff and color dress  so with your light color dress you can wear   skin color flat shoes  with golden stud  and  with the Capri and cigarette pant it look very decent.
5. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

6.    Plate form heels and sling back heels with nude skin color combo with the black it is good for the wedding ceremony and the gown and sarree everything is well if you are tall then these sandal are not   apt for you.
6. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

7.    Light pink color gladiator  shoes are flat  and looking outclass  if you are wearing  pajama and the tights or skinny then these  sandals are good choice it is so stylish  and easy to walk  it is an ankle length and for the tall girls these sandals are best.
7. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

8.     Mostly we have seen the  pumps and the  sandal  in the stud stone but here I have wedges  with stud stone  dark brown color wedges  with golden  stud  giving these shoes  a perfect wedge heel sandal  you can carry it with the  off the shoulder shirt with the narrow jeans and good for  going any one house.
8. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls

9.    For the school and college girls I have also an example of rock stud like black color pointed  flat shoes   embellished with the black stud  and on your uniform it looks so elegant.
9. Rockstud pumps and shoes for trendy girls


shoes must be carrying in perfect size not too much loose and not too much tight because in the loose you will feel problem to walk and in the tight your blood circulation system will be disturbed so wear the shoes according the time and event.

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