Pink and Gray Glittery Nails Art

April 27, 2016 |

How to apply glitter on your nail

0. pink and gray glittery nail art

Nail on your hands are very important and it enhance the beauty of your hands   and  you can   decorate your hands  with different things  because many nail paints are such as which  are popular among the girls  now a day the nail art becomes a trend  and many girls adopt this trend rapidly   because girls are very conscious  about their beauty  and  many girls like to go with the glitter because glitter can make your   nail elegant and nice .Mostly girl like  to go with glitter in their  make up  just like eye shades ,lipstick and  nail paints. Pink color is really very favorite of all the young girls  and when we add the color of grey it will become more elegant  and you can contrast your pink color with any one of your favorite  because it is up to you but now a day’s pink is very trendy with the grey .There are many shades in pink and grey color as just like sparkling grey ,shimmery grey,matte grey ,velvet and metal grey ,elephant grey ,charcoal grey ,mouse grey  etc and same is with the pink  tea pink ,matte pink , shoking pink ,glittering pink and  many more colors are available in the pink. So if you want to go with the pink and grey then stay with us and see the nail art in grey and pink with the glittering touch.

Exclusive nail paints ideas:

0+ pink and gray glittery nail art

1.    Baby pink color  give you a  childish look when it combines to the grey glitter  on your  nail make the character sketch of kitty and on the other nail through the tooth pick make the zigzag design  and you can simply  apply the nail paints .It is best for those girls who are school going and any party is arranged in their school.
1. pink and gray glittery nail art

2.    Silver grey color with bubble gum pink color is looking fabulous so if you want to apply  this nail paint in the school  for your daily  routine then it is good and apt for your hands but your hands  should be white  because both are much sparkling it can show your hands much  blacker.
2. pink and gray glittery nail art

3.    Elephant grey with the  glittering begonia pink  is good for those girls who have not long nails but  it is not  apt for too much  black  color skin complexion  it doesn’t mea I  criticize the black   whenever I want to save you from the odd things  but if you like it then only elephant grey is  correct.
3. pink and gray glittery nail art

4.    Taffy pink and candy pink are very famous among all the things and you can contrast it with silver glitter and white   shiny color because on your five nail make different style like dots and lines and any two keep simple. It can be match your dress  if you have to wear  these two  color  shade  dress then you can easily   apply it.
4. pink and gray glittery nail art

5.    Metal grey color with  the magenta pink  splashes of glitter  can be  good with your  party dress if your dress is fancy then you  can go with and don’t  go too much fancy and decorated  because it  can spoil your overall look.
5. pink and gray glittery nail art

6.    Coral pink and peach are specially made for the summer season when you are going on beach then you can use these two colors with any shade like charcoal grey slate grey in glitter   because it  will give you a best look with your  swimming costume and other  bikini dresses. It is good for you if you are visiting the seaside because it is something like the climate of the seas.
6. pink and gray glittery nail art

7.    These shades are not only for short nails rather  if you have long  nail then you can also apply these nail paints  slate grey and metal grey with the  shoking pink glitter  and silver glitter is looking awesome you can use stones,sitaras , motifs and kundan  on your nail paint because  it give you a decent and fascinating look.
7. pink and gray glittery nail art

Fashion tips:

Nail paints trend are changing day by day  but gray color is remain evergreen whether it is in any color but  still  alive because it is very decent and show your  elegancy and who have dark complexion don’t use too much glitter and  light color because it can show your hands more than blacker  chocolate brown ,red ,maroon and black color are  apt choice.

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