Perfect Hair Colors for Dark Hairs

January 19, 2016 |

Variant Dye Ideas for Dark Hairs:

This is obvious that your hairstyles and hair dye have major influence on your appearance because it compliments your personality and reflects your fashion status. Especially when we talk about ladies, they are trend victim and most mindful about latest fashion. The reason may be that they have long hairs then boys or they really have many ideas to style their hairs with distinct creative themes. So unfortunately any kind of hairstyle or hair dye does not suits on every face cut it varies with hair volumes, natural hair color, hair types etc.

So here we are spotting some craziest hair dyes for the girls having long dark hairs. Go for bold, colorful and elegant shades for your dark hairs which appeared you with attractive and fascinating look. There are different hair colors with expertise hair guidance. You can create illusions with different hair dyes in straight or curly themes. It’s a matter of face cuts if you have healthy face then you should go with straight hairs and double shades like colorful from edges along with dark color on upper side. But if you have slim face or oval shape then you should go with curly hairs. Perfectly dyes hairs do not require much styling efforts while going anywhere because these are loud enough to compliment your personality in any event.

Browse out our gallery to find some exclusive idea regarding to hair color ideas for dark hairs.

Straight Double Shaded Hair dye for Any Face Cut:

hair color ideas for long dark hair (4)

The best idea to enhance the charm and elegance of your dark hairs is to go fir rich bronze, dark brown color from edges and remain natural black from top which is simply delectable. This presented idea can appear any lady with professional looks for office going or job holder ladies. Or you may simply carry this hairstyle for formal meetings or get together.

If you are healthy and confident then you can also try curly hairs.

Curly Ombre Hairs for Slim Face:

hair color ideas for long dark hair (8)

Its all about suitability and perfect match making so if you have slim or long face then curly bangs across your shoulders and slight blow-drying can make your face look wider. And this presented hairstyle will go with western or as well as eastern outlook if you have tact’s to carry it.

Straight and Plum Color Hairs for Healthy Face:

hair color ideas for long dark hair (13)

It’s a best way to change your casual hair theme by dying it with plum color. Usually straight and silky hairs are favorable for healthy face and our presented element is a best example of it. The main benefit of this idea is that it is low maintenance and you don’t need to handle them technically. It may surely boost up your stylish appearance when you confidently carry this straight plum hair dye in any occasion even with a healthy face.

Ombre Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone:

hair color ideas for long dark hair (17)

There should be contrast in your skin tone and hair color because otherwise it may wash you out. Like if you have dark color of your skin then you may apply light goldish or safely fuse color for your hairs which will properly compliment your hairs and personality.

Purple Hue Curly Hairs:


hair color ideas for long dark hair (5)

When you are completely dying your whole hair with unnatural color then there should be perfection and suitability. Always remember to include lighter and darker pieces which will give dimensions to your hairs with amazing themes. This is fancy and unique hairstyle itself and suits mostly with western line of dresses.


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