Nose Piercing Ideas For Girls

February 17, 2015 |

Nose Piercing trends: When we talk about body pierces, the common trend that pops up in our mind after the ear piercing is nose piercing. This trend has a very prominent presence in Indian, African and South Pacific cultures and has gained popularity almost everywhere in US and Europe with the passage of time.

Types of nose piercing: Nose, being a cartilage, is a tissue tougher to pierce and heal as compared to ear lobes, which is a softer tissue. One can have a lot of variations for nose piercing.

Nose piercing ideas: While the majority of individuals get their nose pierced as a single stud on either outer nostril, many also take advantage of more unique body jewelry such as hoops or barbells. While the lower center part of the nose can also be pierced, although it is not as common as traditional nose piercings.

Nose piercing in various cultures: Nose piercings can be worn for traditional cultural reasons as well. Many cultures such as Hindu and Muslim, use body piercings to represent certain coming of age ceremonies and social status within their culture.

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