New Style Finger Mehndi Designs You Will Love

January 27, 2018 |

Asian women love to adorn their hands with Mehndi, long ago Mehndi was applied on palms and soles of feet in just simple form. But with the passage of time it is varied into different designs.

These days, intricate designs of mehndi are not only applied on the alms, but on the backside of hands or feet also. Women of all ages apply Mehndi on several special occasions and the look of a bride considered incomplete without Mehndi deigns.

There are different thoughts about the color of Mehndi that dark color is associated with deep love of mother in law or future husband. There are plenty of Mehndi designs for hands, feet and other body parts.

For wedding functions, girls love to wear full designs but for casual or informal events they want some light and delicate Mehndi designs. We also come up with delicate Mehndi designs for just fingers for hands. We are sure that young girls will like thee the most for their casual events.

Simple leaf design for fingers:

This Mehndi design is so simple and easy even a beginner can do it easily. You can make this simple but cute leaf design onto your fingers for casual events for your college.

Attractive Mehndi design:

This phenomenal and incredible example of Mehndi design is implied for girls who need to appear to be unique, elegant and modish. This most beautiful and complex design is applied just middle finger of one hand and index and ring finger of other hand. An engagement bride can do with this intricate design to complement her engagement ring.

Cute floral finger mehndi design:

This great and basic finger Mehndi plan will give your hands awesome look and it can influence your hands to look appealing. This henna design is perfect for young girls to wear on wedding functions. To make their hand look more beautiful, they can go with beautiful nail paint mach o their party dress.

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