New Designs Wedding Sandals Collection for Brides in Black Color

February 23, 2016 |

Wedding shoes have its significance as the dress has, that’s why brides have to be careful about choosing the right pair of shoes for their wedding day. A woman can conquer the world just by wearing the right footwear, as this is said for the importance of true choice of any shoes but when we talk about wedding shoes, the selection is up to the bride, to which pair she wants to go with. But this is her test of choice because only selection is not important in fact she has to take care of the color scheme, embellishments and fitting. You will always see the western brides wearing the white shoes, but have you ever seen the black wedding footwear? Now the unconventional trends are growing more and more with the rapid changes in fashion and brides also want to make their wedding unique so black shoes also have entered into the bridal fashion yet for traditional thinking people this color is no more to add in wedding.
I have taken the 7 black wedding sandals designs with different styles that will help you in choosing the right one for your upcoming wedding day. But make sure about the fitting and size before wedding day, sometimes the disastrous shoes with problem break your day and for this special day there is no chance for risks, so check them two to three times when the you are about to near the wedding day so that you could handle the shoes comfortably on the D-day.
Black sandals are something unusual but the charm of this color on special day would be a great experience for the brides. The trend settlers have decided to bring this color into the wedding fashion as we can see now those things are being added to trends which we once not even thought to try in our life. So make your style statement heavier by wearing stunning wedding sandals walking down the aisle and stun the people with your extra ordinary choice.

Pointy black high heel sandals:

1 black wedding sandals for brides

Look at the style and shine of the shoes with the silver embellishments that are making the shoes much more to style on wedding day. I have presented two designs for pointy heels, the first one with ribbon bow and the second with beaded straps that you may carry with same embroidery color of wedding dress.

Rhine stoned intricate design black sandals:

2 black wedding sandals for brides

The next choice for brides is to go with the intricate design with covering up all the feet and the rhinestones over it. But keep in mind take care about the look of feet and have pedicure before wedding day to make the black footwear more enhancing.

T-strap black wedding heel sandals:

3 black wedding sandals for brides

T-strap sandals are preppy for young girls but you can now style them on your wedding day with the adorned one as you can take inspiration from the picture. Paint your nails with the ravishing nail polish and make the feet prominent from black beauty of shoes.

Designer Black high heel for brides:

4 black wedding sandals for brides

These two style shoes designs are for the brides who are going to be marries and want to have striking level by following black theme accessories. Carry these styles with your blush gowns that have black lace appliqués so that matching could more effective with black shoes.

One strap wedding shoes design:

5 black wedding sandals for brides

One strap are mostly recommended to tall girls but I even think that it can go well to any length girl, you just know the way of wearing in an allure way. If your gown has silver glittery accents then style the silver heel design otherwise the tasseled simple black one strap shoes would be great.

 Fancy black sandals for brides:

6 black wedding sandals for brides

If your dress is short then you must give attention more to your footwear and the fancy black sandals will be good to enhance the beauty of legs and feet. I have given the two designs one in high pencil heel and the next is in mid heel so that it would be easy for those brides who cannot carry the long high heels.

Black sandals with golden heels:

7 black wedding sandals for brides

Mixing of gold and black hues gowns can be enchanted by wearing golden sole or heel of black embellished shoes like in the picture.

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