Make Your Manicure Sparkle With Festive Sparkly & Glittery Nail Art Ideas

December 6, 2017 |

Women can give their hands splendid and magnificent look by painting their nails with different nail art designs. Here we are going to show you some fascinating sparkly and glittery nail art designs that you can make on different occasions to make your hands look more beautiful and attractive. Take an admiring glance at below shared marvelous gallery of sparkly nail art design ideas.

Glittery nail art for Christmas:

On the eve of holy Christmas you can make your manicure sparkle with this festive glittery nail art ideas. Red and white shimmery nail paint is looking amazing and all nails are looking fabulous with amazing nail art including snowflakes, reindeer and Santa’s outfit all are giving the nails marvelous and fascinating look.

Sparkly pink & white nail art:

Take a look at this amazing sparkly nail art and you will definitely catch the attention of the people towards your fantastic nails. To make this, paint all of your nails with matt white nail paint and then give them glamorous touch by placing pink and white sparkly stones on your nails.

By doing this you will make your nails alluring and ravishing. Brides can opt for this magnificence looking nail art design with their white wedding attire to capture the attention of the crowd.

Glittery tipped and snowflake nail art:

Glitter is the perfect way to spice any nail design and to make it instantly festive. Pain your tips of nails with glittery nail paint and with amazing black snowflakes nail art design you can give your nails charming and alluring look.

You can adorn your nails and nail art with the placement of tiny jewels or studs onto your nails. While going to a Christmas party, wear fascinating dress and with this simple yet elegant nail art you can mesmerize others with your overall look.


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