Make Birthday Party Little More Special With Unicorn Cake

January 17, 2018 |

Birthday is the most important and special day for everyone whether it is a kid or grown-up. Everyone is super excited about this day and all want to make this ay memorable and glorious. When comes to the birthday, first thing comes to mind is the birthday cake.

The day depends on the cake because birthday person have to cut a cake so it must be speechless and awe-inspiring. If you are struggling to get the perfect cake for your loved ones, look at our adorable unicorn cakes. Unicorn is inn fashion trend these days and you can opt for unicorn theme for birthday. Some of the beautiful unicorn birthday cakes are enlisted below.

Breathtaking unicorn birthday cake:

Here we have a picture of gorgeous Pakistani celeb Mawra Hocane, who is celebrating her birthday. Her beloved sister Urwa Hocane had arranged a surprise birthday party with unique unicorn theme. Three tiered unicorn cake is looking amazingly superb, lower square metallic gold tier has two round tiers, middle tire is looking awesome with sugar flowers décor and unicorn silhouette o the top of cake is giving it alluring touch.

Unicorn birthday cake for twins:

Sometimes it happens that two persons have same date of birth if same case is there with your children and you are looking for birthday cakes. Take inspiration from this picture, round cake is fantastic having double round cake and a small cake is combining both cakes. With unicorn cake toppers and rainbow at back the cake is looking speechless and will stun everyone in the party.

Wow unicorn confetti cake:

Wow this unicorn birthday cake is looking fantastic, if this is birthday month of your kid and you are searching for unique and the most beautiful wedding cake. Set unicorn theme for birthday party and select this cake, unicorn cake with confetti and unicorn cake topper along with rainbow will definitely make a big smile on your kid’s face.


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