Latest Ways to Draping Saree Styles For Girls

October 22, 2014 |

Indian saree draping styles in newest ways:

Saree is the most convenient and elegant outfit that makes the ladies adorable in classical way by giving them traditional look. Indian sarees are most popular in the world wide due to their impressive designs, heavy and light ornamentations and graceful festooned of embroidery and bejeweled accessories on it. Now the matter is how Indian sarees are wearing.

There are various ways to wear Indian sarees as it is consist in their different cultures. Indian saree can be wear in gujrati style, maharashtrian style, devdas style, Assam style and there are many other modes to drape saree.
Brides also love to dress up at her wedding day with ideal saree styling especially in India and Bangladesh.

Saree is also providing them a platform to feel relax and expedient yourself by adding the fascination in different ways. In this anthology you will find out various ways how a saree can be style in different ways and how it can be prettify by increasing the charm of pallu from back to front or from front to back. Now follow me and check out this precious collection of draping saree.

Popular gujrati style saree draping:

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This is the best way of draping saree to all those girls who love gujrati culture. Gujrati culture is the most popular regarding saree wearing among ladies. This one style makes you eligible to enhance your figure by draping your saree pallu from back to front. This is the basic way of gujrati style to carry saree among ladies and girls in weddings or any other occasional events.

Unique style of drape your saree in waist style:

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Quite trendy way to carry saree is now in front of you. Let’s take some experience from this modish way of draping saree pallu in Indian style that will give you hottest look. Passing the saree pallu from the bejeweled belly side from front to back and let it moving like a celebrity look.

Maharashtrian saree wearing style:

3. different types of saree draping styles

Maharashtrian is an Indian culture in which ladies adorned them with traditional Indian sarees. The way of styling maharashtrian saree is not very difficult but it some practice is needed to carry this specific saree. Basically saree pallu is draping from front to back and featured with bejeweled belly jewelry accessory. Sometime maharashtrian sarees are used to perform Indian classical dance and to do Indian cultural performance.

Traditional Indian styling to wear banarsi saree:

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Banarsi sarees are usually used in Indian weddings which are also loved to wear bridals on their wedding day. The styling to wear banarsi saree can be in various ways which depends on the wearer. In this picture banarsi saree is wearing in traditional Indian styling by draping pallu from back to front and the skirt side is also styled in chunnat way that looks graceful in its entire exterior.

Here we presented a bundle of valuable styling to carry saree in various ways which will really facilitate you in respected ways. You will find tremendously cultural styling of wearing saree in trendy modes. All saree styling will surely increase your stamina to carry saree in different ways without any hesitations. So don’t waist your time and check out this picture gallery of various saree draping styles.

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