Latest South Indian Wedding Traditions You Should know

September 28, 2015 |

south indian wedding

alike every culture, people of south india also have certain wedding traditions, jewelry and dressing which might be differentiated from other traditional wedding ceremonies. Some of the traditions might be discussed in our presented post.

Current presentation

Our currently drafted presentation is correlated with discussion and visualization of certain important traditions, that are followed by south indian people and thus named as south indian wedding traditions.

South indian bridal dressing

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We have drafted overall image of south indian bride in which you can observe out banarasi saree in elegant shade in which involvement of darker shade is necessary. Full heavy symmetrical design necklaces, qamar band and bazu band are worn out by the bride. In south indian tradition, brides don’t take pallu or dupatta on their heads.

Some facts about south indian wedding traditions

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Any traditional wedding ceremony is incomplete without utilization of mehndi. As you can observe out that every closet member of bridal or groom have to wear banarasi saree also to show out whole south indian looks. South indian style heavy mehndi is also utilized to complete this look.

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