Label Munkee winter collection 2014 at LFW

September 17, 2014 |

Label “Munkee see Munkee doo”

Teresa Laisom & Utsav Pradhan is basically Indian fashion designers that launched their collection together. Recently, they introduced their label “Mukee see Munkee doo” winter collection at Lakmee Fashion Week 2014. This imaginative is featured by inspiring European contemporary culture dressing style in which range skirts, coats, jackets, tops, short dresses, and trousers are included.

This aesthetics Japanese’s collection dominated with unique blends such as wool-felt, viscose twill and poly-satin and embroidery work done with bright and stunning threads to add sophistication touch in this gorgeous collection. The color palette is done with bold tones like white, grey, red, black, dusky cream and blue. All creations are gorgeous and moderate by Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradha.

Knee length shirt with long coat

1 black and red label ‘Munkee Lakmé Fashion Week dress

Teresa Laisom & Utsav Pradah created moderate and stunning collection inspiring by European culture. So, in their collection mostly dresses are petite and contemporary. In this picture you are sseing that model wears sophisticated and marvelous red dress with knee length. Red stunning shirt decked thread embroidery and wear a long jacquard coat as a upper with this voguish shirt.

Jacket with pencil skirt

2 black and white label ‘Munkee Lakmé Fashion Week dress

All dresses that presented by Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradah are exclusive and design by foreign mode. This dress consists on black zipper style jacket and white pencil short skirt. Jacket is design with black fabulous viscose and leather while pencil skirt with white viscose.

Exclusive pant shirt for girls

3 grey and white label ‘Munkee Lakmé Fashion Week dress

In foreign West countries frequently girls and boys wear dress with same style. Girls also wear pant shirt, jeans and short shirts like men. This grey patent pant and white shirt entirely design by men outfit. Worker woman in Western countries also wear pant shirt like men.

plated design inner shirt with long coat

4 red and white label ‘Munkee Lakmé Fashion Week dress

This is one of the most authentic and modern creation in this collation. White front open shirt decked with plated net skirt from the thigh that looks startling and fabulous. Long red viscose coat that wear as an upper is matching with pocket style trouser.

A lot variety of modern European dresses is also included in this gallery that is design by Indian designer Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradah. Tops, short skirts, cut style shirts and many others are included in this collection. Dazzling nad vibrant colors schemes utilized for making superb and gorgeous winter collection.

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