Indian Traditional Wedding Bridal Jewelry and Headpieces

August 21, 2015 |

Indian wedding jewelry:

Wedding jewelry has always been an essential part of every Indian bride’s entire look. Everything ranging from something as small as a toe ring to as big as a necklace is equally important in making a bride look complete. All these pieces of the traditional Indian jewelry make a bride look stunningly beautiful and remarkably graceful on the big day of her life.

Choti for Indian girls:

1 hair brooch for indian bridals (10)

Choti is a long headpiece wear by a girl on the top of her braid and covers the whole of its braid with this jewelry piece.

  Juda pin for hairs:

2 hair brooch for indian bridals (2)

A bold bride can prefer large statement pieces to have a distinct look on their special day. You can pick anything from floral or circular patterns in the large studded pieces, and stand out as the bride with most elegant taste.


3 hair brooch for indian bridals (9)

It is a set of circular broaches mostly wore on braid in an order to give the braid and ornamented look. It is mostly worn by south Indian brides.

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