Ideas to Wear kurtas According to Your Body Shape

March 28, 2016 |

Kurtas are the first selection of everyone in summer because it is stitched  in lose form and you can wear it in any formal party, casual and outdoor functions and now a days the trend of kurtas are much more  and it is   must included in the  wardrobe of ladies .There are many styles which are available in kurta  and it can be wear with anything like jeans, trouser,capri and   shalwar  and it is I some brands and you can also stitch it according to your choice  and  the selection of dresses according to the  body shape is very tough job everyone is not knowing properly about the  his body shape because   some people consider  everything is good for their personality no it is  wrong Because everything  have  its own characteristics and kinds so here I have  4 shapes with kurta dressing.

Shapes name:

1.    Apple shape / oval shape
2.    Pear shape
3.    Hourglass shape
4.    Rectangle shape
5.    Inverted Triangle  shape
Apple shape are wider from the upper body  part and legs are thin  and they should wear lose kurta with tights because if they wear fitted kurta with tight jeans then they look more chubby and oval  and the   ladies who have an apple shape body avoid from Patiala shalwar and  don’t go with light colors because in light color a person  look more fat from his actual weight. Yoke pattern kurta are most trendy then  apple shape body not carry it. Pear shape body are slimmer from the upper part but their lower part and thighs are heavy than the upper part so you  can wear any type of kurta because you are slim from   your upper part  and many Indian ladies  have pear body shape and you can wear trouser and palazzo  and mandarin neckline  light color tunic is also best but pear shape lades  should avoid from the   skin tight jeans and leggings. Hour glass shape ladies are  thinner from the upper and lower  and  their shoulder are wide and chest is well defined hourglass shape ladies can select any dress because they have no need to hide their features  but avoid from lose dresses wear kurta but in fitting because it can spoil your body beauty. Skinny leggings and straight jeans are best with tunic and kurtas. Rectangle shape body is straight and no curve in their body they should wear such dresses which create curve in their body  leggings and narrow pants are best with kurta and anarkjali shirts for rectangle shape body. Avoid from  body hugging dresses .Inverted  triangle body shapes ladies  have larger upper body  and their chest and shoulder are also wide  the triangle shape ladies can wear Patiala and leggings  and skin tight jeans with lining and simple kurtas so now you  got many information about your body shapes and easy to select the dress for this summer.

Different kurtas:

Kurtas are available in every style and color and the work of fabrics  laces patches and   ribbons are much more on the kurtas some kurtas ,s length is short and some are lengthy but according to your body shape you can select any  kurta with matching tights and Capri and  mix and match stole is also carry by fashionable girls it look chic  with kurtas .Printed ,floral style and  thread work is mostly seen on the kurtas  but now a days he trend of mirror work is very prominent  now you can wear kurtas in this summer  many fancy buttons and vintage style kurtas are carried by girls with different  Patiala shalwar,lungi and dhoti it look so traditnal and  you feel easy in shalwar  you can contrast Capri and tights with your kurta  but if you don’t like matching then you can contrast your dress. With kurta casual chappal, pumps and khussa is mostly wear by ladies to show their look chic.


The ladies who  wear  dress opposite to their body shape then they look odd when you go  to market  for  buying kurta then you should first measure your body shape and then select kurta because not  very lose  and not very tight kurta   look good.

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