Ideas to Wear a Saree in Different Styles:

October 12, 2015 |

As all we know that saree is a traditional dress of South Asian countries. In India, the saree is drape in different styles. Here we have some ideas to wear the saree in different styles. Let’s have a look to these different styles draping saree as:

1)    Bengali traditional Saree Style:

Bengali traditional Saree Style

Bengali saree is mostly available in the silk red border and wear it with double drape. One drape is one the one shoulder and another is on the second shoulder.

2)    Kerala Saree Style:

casuaaly butterfly saree style

Kerala style saree is also looking very gorgeous. In this saree style, saree drape with the border on the waist to the shoulder. In this saree the separate piece of cloth for draping is tuck for making the front flawless layers.

3)    Traditional Gujarati Saree Style:

Kerala Saree Style

Another saree style is the Guajarati style. In this saree style the pallu of saree with boarder is draping to back to the front and set the pallu on the waist in front side.

4)    Maharashtrian Saree Style:

MaharashtrianSaree Style

Maharashtrian saree style is also the traditional saree. In this saree the draping of pallu in butterfly style and décor it with waist jewelry and it consider the two legs dhoti style saree also.

5)    Traditional lehenga style saree:

traditional Gujarati Saree Style

Traditional lehenga style saree is also the easy draping saree styles for girls. Wearing the lehenga and choli and draping the dopatta in a saree style from waist to the shoulder.

6)    Casually butterfly saree style:

traditional lehenga style saree

Casually wearing butterfly saree is very trendy and excessive wearing the saree style in India. It’s simply wears and drapes the pallu to shoulder to back.

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