Ideas of Barbie Birthday Cake for Girls

March 2, 2016 |

Birthday is such a day which is special for everyone and this day is celebrated by every boy and girl and the most important thing of birthday party is cake because everybody likes to cake because it is very sweet and delicious .Barbie is very famous character of girls and most little girls want to copy the Barbie character .Birthday party gives us more enjoyment and fun especially kids are very excited for birthday parties. The theme of girl’s party should be colorful and attractive so you can make attractive and tasty cakes at your home if you are an expert in baking. Cakes can be made according to your choice because every person has its own choice so you can make different characters for your birthday girl if you are very close to someone then you can give him cake as a gift it gives you and your dear’s one pleasure and happiness. So we have different cakes for your girl on her birthday.

Different attractive and tasty Barbie cakes:

A Barbie cake is very attractive and charming for baby girls then you can decorate your birthday cake with floral pattern the Barbie princess is in a frock which is very elegant and attractive .if you don’t want to make an extra ordinary cake then you can use only upper body part of Barbie on your cake .With this cake you should present same dress to your special girl so it is a perfect combination of your birthday. If your baby girls want to go stylish cake then you can make a stylish Barbie cake  with different colors .Pink and white color is very famous among the little girls so you can  make a cake with princess Barbie doll because pink  color is most favorite and white color symbolizes the innocence of  baby girls. This cake is best for school going girls. The cakes are made in different shapes some like square, some heart and some people like round shapes .You can use different flowers with fondant but when you are making fondant then you should be careful about your fondant because  make a  plain and neat fondant is not an easy task. If you are teen age girl and like the street style then you can choose this cake because street style girls never live without bags so a Barbie which is on your cake how she can live without bag. If your baby girls like the Barbie in fairy dress then you can make a Barbie cake in fairy style and hold in her hand a candle as a magic sticks. Chocolate and bunties, marshmellows, and candies are most favorite edible things of babies and many young girls like chocolate so you can make chocolate fondant with bunties and marshmellows.Pineappple and cherries are also good to décor your birthday cake  in Barbie  style. You can add the touch of season if your birthday party is in the season of spring then you should use colorful things in cake like bold colors of Barbie can be  attractive and according to the season .
So these are different ideas to make Barbie cakes on your birthday and if you want to make a Barbie cake for your girl then you can select these cakes for your special one, s birthday. Many many happy returns of all birthday girls.


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