How To Wear One Foot Anklets With Different Styles Footwear

January 30, 2018 |

Ankle is an important part of jewelry because after adorning different body parts including ear, neck, ands, fingers, girl love to adorn their feet also. They can do this by wearing chains around their feet. Anklets are designed in different styles for brides and other girls.

Usually anklets are worn in both feet but here we are going to share with to fabulous anklet designs just for one foot. Fashion trend of wearing anklet around one ankle is becoming popular day by day. So for fashion girls we have assembled some beautiful one foot anklet designs at one place.

Infinity design anklet for beach:

Anklet looks better in summers with short dresses and open footwear. You can wear this delicate infinity ankle chain to your college with ripped denim jeans and even to work with your bodycon dress. If you are going to spend a hot day on beach then this cute infinity anklet will add charm to your naked feet along including simple ensemble and overall look.

Butterfly foot chain with sneakers:

Keep your ankles light and cute wearing delicate design accessory as this butterfly design gold foot chain will work best for you. In modern times anklet tend is no more summer-committed, you can wear this foot jewelry in winters with sneakers shoes. This butterfly design gold anklet is surely elegant and cutest foot jewelry.

Penny design gold anklet with heels:

Working women can also wear anklet for official parties to look different and super stylish. For official party, you want glamorous look to catch the attention of the crowd, opt for this penny design gold anklet to wear with your gorgeous short dress. This heavy penny design anklet is great choice for forma parties and especially when you are getting dressed for wedding ceremony as a guest.


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