How to Wear Maang Tikka in Different Styles

September 3, 2015 |

Mang tikka has great importance among bridals. The concept of having mang tikka is only for bridal is not right but it is clarified that the maang tikka is for other girls also who attend the functions. Even this can carry at different occasions like engagement, mehandi and some kinds of parties.

Hey girls today I am going to describe how to wear maang tikka in different styles. There are tips and precautions following by these tips you can discover best one style suit on your face shapes and cut. Basically the four main shapes are round, oval, rectangular and heart shape face. Long dangling tikka is considered best for round shaped face as it lengthens the shape.

Oval shaped girls have margins to select Any kind of tikka because makeup artist love and find it easy to adjust the beauty of this type shape but avoid to wear long maang tikka on this shape as it further rise the shape. Rectangular shaped face can wear round tikka and heart shaped face can carry flat and short type of tikkas.

Now the trend of carrying tikka without parting the hairs is in. This one style gives an artistic look and elegancy. Keep it in mind that maang tikka has great influence on your look and makeup artists contour your face according to the shape and style of tikka you have selected for you. Side matha jhoomer is also in fashion that looks classy.

Rajasthani tikka is called borla and popular in India. Matha Patti is commonly famous in Pakistan and now after a long time its trend has booster the value of it. Single or multi layered tikka has royal effect and wonderfully just lovable.

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