How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways

March 30, 2016 |

Indian kurti with different bottom   clothes

Kurtis are mostly very favorite dress of all women because it is very comfortable and you can do any work in kurti because it is very casual and kurti can carry at many places because for formal look it is available in something fancy and embroider .There are many choices to wear kurti because in winter the coarse and warm stuff is and in the summer very thin and light fabric is used kurti shortly kurti is wear in every season and it is very affordable but prices are different of every brand .Now a days the trend of kurti is much more basically I was wore in India but now it is wear in all over the world and it can be wear at any place like shopping mall ,street style, punk style and beach ,sea side and where ever you want to go it is perfect choice and the big benefit of kurta is that it is carry with any bottom costume because it look so cool and give you a stylish look and many girls are fan of bollywood actresses so the girls who follow the actresses they can easily wear   kurti because all actresses wear kurti with different bottom fabrics like pants, legging ,cigarette pants, Aladdin shalwar,dhoti shalwar,trouser,capri ,churidar etc . Here   I have different   bottom things which you can wear with Indian kurtas and change your look in to modern and stylish girl.

Leggings are very famous and inn in the fashion you can wear kurti with leggings because it give you a hot look with the legging you should not wear very tight fitting kurti and the women who are much fat   thy should wear leggings but not much fit don’t wear much short kurti with legging and if you have short kurti then you should wear jeans and narrow pants. The fabric of the leggings should not be much thinner that all your body parts are exposing and   if you don’t like plain and simple leggings then you go with printed leggings and the ladies who are fat they should wear printed because in the plain they look more chubby.

Churidar pajamas are very traditional and look decent but leggings don’t have the look of churidar pajama leggings are good   to wear but when we wear leggings in traditional function then it can spoil our look so we can wear churi pajama it can enhance the beauty of casual wear and if you are fat and chubby then you should go with churidar than the leggings .Pairely good with Anarkali and don’t wear short kurta with churidar .Some kurtis look best with churidar rather than cotton leggings.

What about an idea about jeggings which are very good and flexible leggings ,tights and jeans are unstretchable but   jeggings are   stretchable but it should be fit for you from your waist it is available in every stuff and every color but it is best when you wear it in the winter season. When you wear jeggings you should wear long kurti with it .

Patiala pants are very nice and look traditional but when you wear it with kurta basically it is the shalwar of punjabian and when we wear it with Patiala we look very nice it is very comfortable you can wear it I any season and it is available in plain and printed both you can wear printed Patiala pants with simple kurti and many celebrity has wear the Patiala pent in many movies. Patiala pants is the replacement of Patiala shalwr you can wear it on many occasion like wedding ceremonies parties etc but apple shape body avoid t wear it because it can shoe you more round.

Skirts are   the most favorite dress of girls and many girls want to wear it on the college parties and you can wear kurti with long skirts it is best for those who have glass hour body shape and it is wear in any season in the summer you ca n Arabic lawn skirts and wear the kurti which is on your hips and avoid from long kurti with skirts .Pair sleeveless kurti with Maxi skirt for a decent look when you are go outside.

Dhoti shalwar are very nice and full of side pleats and wear   dhoti flat shalwar with fitted kurti dhoti shalwar can beware on the sangeet and the many Asian women wear dhoti shalwar you can wear dhoti shalwar with printed shirts and printed shalwar are very good with simple rajhistani kurti .If you have pear shaped body then you should avoid from the dhoti shalwar because it look you most bulk from your hips and thighs . Don’t use stretchy fabrics because it looks stick to your legs.

Palazzo , Aladdin shalwar ,Harem pants, Capri , wide legs pants , ,jeans and cigarette pants .These are enough ways to wear kurti because everyone like to wear different bottom   things which are suitable for your body and according to the functions so you can select the   pair of your kurti according to your wish and with matching jewelry and pumps ,khussa and flat heel sandal ,wedges and kualapuri shoes are good with kurtis.

1. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways 2. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways 3. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways 4. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways  6. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways 7. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways 8. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways 9. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways 10. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways 11. How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways How to Wear Indian Kurti in Different Ways

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