How to Wear Dupatta on Head with Different Styles

October 28, 2015 |

When we dress up in any style, only an addition of dupatta makes ourselves decent and modest. Have you ever noticed with draping dupatta our total look changes with glam and nobility. Well dupatta is the most important part in dressing codes of Muslims. In Sikh and Hinduism this draping piece is also worn in many styles and events. For bridal it’s a necessary demand to style her up in a humble manner. Casually Muslim women are asked to cover up the heads and body. It is up to the event need that what type of style an event demands like Eid, diwali mehandi and many more. Let’s try to narrate different styles that celebrities do like to drape and give ideas to public to style themselves too.

1. Decent style to cover up head

how to wear dupatta on head (1)

Here is Priyanka Chopra famous bollywood actress wearing out dupatta in a shot, looking so decent. Loosely drape dupatta and put one side on ne shoulder it will change your look completely.

2. Royal way to drape dupatta

how to wear dupatta on head (2)

The most common and attractive style of arranging dupatta at head and tuck to one shoulder loosely.

3. Dazzling style of set dupatta at head

how to wear dupatta on head (3)

Hina Rabbani Khar is dazzling the beautiful style of dupatta in elegant approach. Personally I really love her style that adds decency and obliging elements to a look.

4. Striking style for bridals

how to wear dupatta on head (4)

A bridal looks incomplete without spreading over dupatta at head now days different styles are adorned in different ways. One of them is in the picture Sania Mirza who had worn dupatta at her wedding. Styling at head and lifting the both sides at arms.

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