How to Style your Hair for School

June 6, 2016 |

My great hair day  idea


As we all are aware of saturated fact that scope of fashion is negatively limited toward ant person facing at any stage of life. There exist unique trends worldwide for every type of person whether men, women and every one to bring about modified appearance in them. Hair styling and hairdo are generally utilized to groom out person`s personality. hairs numerously associates with person`s appearance so we are work in such a way that it could bring about real fashion object concerning hair to enhance glamour in one`s personality.


First take your first hair section at about the temple area of your head. You don’t take your section back too far.



Start twisting the section in your hand. On the left side of your head, Once you have the left side twisted part your right section and do the same.



Secure with an elastic.


Repeat this for the rest of your ponytails. The ponytail itself falls behind the one underneath it.



Don’t combine them because you don’t want the last ponytail to end up fat.




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