How to Make Eyes Look Bigger with Top 10 Steps with Pictures

April 6, 2015 |

Top 10 Tricks to Make Eyes Look Bigger:

Eyes are one of the important parts of our face. Only because of our eyes we can see the colors of life & charm of this world. Imagine if you are blind then how you can enjoy life. Without eyes there is no enjoyment in life.

Every woman wants to enhance the beauty of her eyes. We can see that some ladies have small eyes while some have big eyes. The big eyes always look full of life, beautiful, charming & youthful that’s why the ladies who have small eyes usually in search of those tips which can make their small eyes to look bigger. Don’t worry because today I am going to share the top 10 tricks that can help you to make your small eyes bigger.

1)    First of all, use eyebrow pencil (the color that goes best with you natural hair color) & define to eyebrows. This will give a very nice framing to your eye area. It makes your eyes to look bigger.

1 defone your eyebrows

2)    Define the crease of your eyes by using light brown eye shadows. It will open up your peepers.

2 define the crease

3)    By applying the silver shimmer shades into the inner corner of the eye you can give a bigger effect to your smaller eyes as shown into the picture.

3 apply silver shimmer in inner corner ofeye

4)    It is an obvious fact that when you use darker shades on your eyes then your eyes looks smaller. So, for bigger eyes you need to choose light eye shadows such as light skin, light beige, light brown, light peach, etc.

4 use light eye shadows

5)    Now curl you lashes by using a lash curler as shown into the picture.

5 curl eye lashes

6)    Apply thick mascara on you upper lash line. After applying first coat, you can apply another coat of mascara.

6 apply mascara on upper lash line

7)    Don’t forget to apply mascara on the lower lash line for bigger eye impact.

7 apply mascara on lower lash line

8)    For bigger eyes you can apply eyeliner into pointy shape which is also called winged eye liner shape.

8 eye liner application

9)    Don’t apply eye liner all around your eyes as shown into the picture because it makes your eyes look small.

9 dont apply like this

10)    You can use false eye lashes for bigger eye impact.

10 false eye lashes application


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