How to get Straight Hairstyles without Damaging your Hairs:

March 26, 2016 |

We all know that hairs are the best part and most dominating and prominent phase of our life and specially our appearance. And especially when it’s the matter of looks we never compromise and we consult expensive hairstylists to get the desired results. No doubt we all become fed up with the same hair looks and hairstyles even on events and casually. There are certain ideas from which you can change your hairs looks and themes like straight your curly hairs. All women who have curly hairs at least once think in their life about to straighten them. If you really become frustrated from your because curls are really difficult to tame them because sometimes even gels are also not really good option for your hairs.

So if you are interest in changing your look then goes for the option of straightens your hairs permanently. Straight hairs are in fashion these days and look charming as well. But there are many women who are worrying about straighten their hairs due to damage but hair we are going to give you some beautiful and amazing easy tips and themes from using them you can approach to sleek and shiny straight hairs.

So have a look one our presented clump of ideas that will lead you towards successful straight hairstyles.

Use of Straightener:

Use good quality of the hair straightner that may avoid damaging your hairs and straight them properly. So to get desired results wash your hairs properly and then blow dry your hairs apply a best quality heat protection lotion or spray then divide your hairs in little sections so that can easily manage in straightner and then use straightner like comb.

Straightening Milk is also a Good Option:

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Milk is an amazing thing it works on your curly airs like a miracle. And its really simple to use take e an old spray bottle pour straightening milk into it and spray it onto your hairs and leave them for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off.

Olive Oil:

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Its an effective natural method which can help you to straighten your hairs like take eggs beat them well and then add an amount of olive oil I it. And then apply on your hairs for at least 45 minutes and then wash it off. It may not work instantly but give your straight hairs with full shine and beauty but with the passage of time.


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