How to Choose Lehnga According to your Body Shape

December 3, 2015 |


A lehenga is a long, flowing and voluminous skirt ideally paired with cholis or corsets and drapped around these is the beautiful dupatta. This ensemble is made much more beautiful with embellished with beads, sequins, motifs, rich embroideries and work. Lehengas speak volumes with their grandeur, sheer beauty and grace.

Hour glass shape:

1beautiful straight bridal lehenga (3)

A fishtail bridal lehenga or saree drape will be perfect for you. You can also try the A-line lehengas in a soft flowy fabric like georgette and chiffons and pair this with a halter-neckline choli or corset to enhance your figure.

Rectangular shape:

2beautiful straight bridal lehenga (9)

If you have a rectangular body- or an athletic, skinny frame without the curves, then hun your lehenga needs to create those curves for you! Choose a wide, full skirt in a stiff fabric to add volume at the bottom.  Raw Silk is perhaps the perfect fabric for you followed by Net.  Pair with a blouse that is low and plunging to create the illusion of curves.

Pear shape body:

3beautiful straight bridal lehenga (4)

For this shape a straight fall lehenga or an ‘A-cut’ lehenga must be worn. Try to avoid pleated lehengas. As it will gives a heavier look then making you looks slim.

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