Henna Art-New Designs for Bridals, Wedding, Parties & Festivals

October 17, 2015 |

Mehendi Art for Front/Back Hands, Feet & for Creating Tattoos:

Henna & Mehendi is actually a greenish color liquid; if it is applied on skin then it leaves red color on that part. Mostly it is used in eastern countries such as in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Malaysia etc. it is used for creating designs on hands (front & back both sides), on feet, arms as well as ladies like to use it for creating tattoos of different parts of body. It is also getting fame in west. Western women also apply mehendi on hands, feet, wrist, elbow, back, near chest in the tattoo form designs. Henna is removable that’s why you can create tattoos with it very easily & whenever you like remove the old tattoos & create new ones. In tattoos flower designs, animal inspired tattoos, bird, reptiles etc are common.

In eastern countries every age of women & girls apply mehendi. They create heavy designs mostly on hands & feet. The use of mehendi is very common on wedding functions, parties, festivals, religious events & as well as on engagement functions. In east a bride looks incomplete without mehendi.

Due to such a great importance of mehendi today I would like to share some very new & impressive designs of henna. The pictures are given below. Take a look, observe carefully & then try at home. Hopefully, these images will help you a lot. If a formal event is near & you are invited on the function, similarly the wedding of your sister is near or you are going to become a bride, in every case this collection will help you a lot. Have a look!

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