Happy Birthday Theme Nail Art Ideas

January 5, 2015 |

Happy Birthday Nail Art Designs:

Birthday is a function that is celebrated almost by every person. Usually a birthday girl, boy, men, women or kid invite his/her friends at birthday party. The birthday party is arranged by following a birthday theme. It includes cake, candles, balloons, firecrackers & lots of other items.

Birthday party have lot of fun & enjoyment for its gusts such as dance, music, fire cracking, cakes, candle illuminations, lightening, decoration, lots of gifts for birthday girl/boy, lots of greetings, delicious & appetizing food items, deserts & drinks & much more.

When you want to attend a birthday party then you need to select an exclusive dress, footwear & other fashionable accessories. So, dear girls & ladies, now, you should also pay attention towards your nail art. Don’t go with typical nail art on a birthday party.

It’s the time to try something new & creative that is closely related from birthday party theme. Yes, I am talking about a nail art that is created by taking inspiration from cakes, candles, balloons, cupcakes, birthday celebrations etc. So, have a quick look at some unique birthday nail art ideas!

Candle Nil Art:

0 Happy birthday nail art ideas

This nail art is created by taking inspiration from the birthday candles. A birthday is considered incomplete with candles on cake. Show it on your nails by using colorful nail paints. You can add some glitter for a sparkling look.

Balloon Nail Art:

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Create colorful balloons on your nails because this nail art looks very flattering on your nails on a birthday party. You can go with multi-nail-colors for crating balloons.

Cake Nail Art Design:

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How we can forget the most essential birthday item? Yes “I am talking about cake”. Create cake on your finger nails for a chic birthday girl look at your own birthday.

Birthday Celebration Theme Nail Art Idea:

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You can show your birthday celebrations & festivity on your nails by utilizing this idea of creating firecrackers like design on your nails. For this purpose you need multicolor nail art. You can also use stickers that are available into the market.

Birthday Decoration Nail Design:

4 Happy birthday nail art ideas

Various items are used in birthday decoration. You show your birthday decoration on your nails by using this birthday theme nail art.

Birthday Alphabet Nail Art:

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You can create “birthday” alphabets on your nails. These are total 8 alphabets. You can go 2 alphabets on each finger nail. 2 alphabet “bi” on index finger, “rt” on middle finger, “hd” on ring finger & “ay” on pinkie finger. Create balloon or a cupcake on thumb nail.

Birthday Party Nail Art Designs:

Some more ideas are shown below into the photo gallery. You can also check it out. Don’t forget to tell me “which one is your favorite birthday nail art”.

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