Hair Top knot Ideas for Girls

May 20, 2016 |

How to make top knot of my hair

0. hair top knot ideas for girls

Hairstyle is such a thing which can change your overall look may be hairstyles are so good that  you look so beautiful and some hairstyles are   such  which look bad in seeing but when you make it  you look so good  .the hairstylists have introduced so many  hairstyles  for the  girls which  are  very easy to make and in the  short time you can make it you have no need to go for a beautician   and if you have short hair means   bob cut  layered and other  hairstyle which are on your shoulder then with  these  length of your hair you can make any style .top knot ,top bun,braid,french tail etc are the choices for your hair. So many easy hairstyles are in front of us which we can make  in our home  but we have need to do some practice  if we  know the   something for anything then it is must thing you will must  learn this very soon  because it is the work of  your interest .here I have talking about the top knot which is made on the   center of the head   it looks so beautiful  but in  the   summer  when we feel hotness and want to feel something cool then  we should tie our hair on the top of the head because  hair become the cause of hotness  so come with us and see  the top knot hairstyles which are good for all the season   the girls who have something light hair they have no need to be  worried because  with these styles you can look beautiful.

0+hair top knot ideas for girls

1.    For your college look simple top knot is best because in the college you want to go in simple but you can dye your hair with blonde and the caramel shade with your uniform this simple hairstyle id  good .

1. hair top knot ideas for girls

2.    Now a day’s top knot is in the trend  so many models and the heroine are seklwcrting  this hairstyle for their ramp walk  in this hairstyle you forehead look so broad so if you have  narrow forehead then  you should tie your top knot  tightly.
2. hair top knot ideas for girls

3.    For your street style look many girls carry the trouser and the basic shirts because in this hairstyle girls look   small from their actual age   in this style you can add the stones and the Rhine stone pin.

4.     Messy braided top knot in purple color with a top knot is decent you can do it for your college farewell and color day events.  With this hairstyle off the shoulder dress with the shorts arte   nice choice.

4. hair top knot ideas for girls

5.    Platinum color is very soft and in the summer you look good with this color when you make top knot on your hair with the hat  you look so stylish and this color is mostly used by senior ladies but  many young girls are  interested in this  color.
5. hair top knot ideas for girls

6.    In the old years the ladies make such hair and it is making in many eaurpeon ladies because if you have not too much   heavy hair but it look voluminous but if your hair are not in your hold to make the knot then you can use the hair pad.
6. hair top knot ideas for girls

7.    Braided knot half and half down ombre shade is giving that girl has a perfect look with this   hairstyle you can attend any function because in this hairstyle  you look very innocent and the   sweet.
7. hair top knot ideas for girls

8.    Office women who are  anxious  for their hairstyles then  you can also make the top knot with the half up  and half low hairstyle it is very easy to make because in the morning you have not  so much time then in 5 minute your hair   is ready and you can go  .
8. hair top knot ideas for girls

9.    In the winter when you make the top knot you look so stylish  because with the  knot you can wear the    staler and scarf with  your abbayas now a day hijab is very common among the girls  so you can make your blond hair in a top knot and  it is best for the house party.
9. hair top knot ideas for girls

10.     In the summer when you do your makeup according to the season then you should not go with the braid and  open hair because your all appearance will be spoil  with the  open hair  so top bun is perfect choice  you can add hair accessory and the glittering  pins in your symmetrical top bob.
10. hair top knot ideas for girls

Bonus tips:

here the ideas of hairstyling’s are not end because I want to keep  you happy because    I feel happy to see the satisfied people and hairstyling is  very  compulsory thing for your appearance but keep in your mind mould your hair according t your  face shape .

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