Floral Bridal Headband with Garden Roses

May 26, 2016 |

Ideas to use natural flowers headpiece on wedding

0. Floral bridal headband with garden roses

Bridal   floral crown of garden roses designed  to create romantic yet  elegant bridal look  there are so many things are available in the market  which are used to  embellished the hair  but it is so good  that you use the natural thing it is fact that  natural remain evergreen. There are many ways to use the rose and the floral headpiece on the wedding and other formal function .rose, Mari gold, pink rose and different colorful bushes are used to decorate the hair  brooches, pins, clips ,hair band and the catchers are   very  good thing to embellish the  hair  on the wedding everybody wants to look like a princesses  so  the bride should do  like  the fairy and princesses .Now a day’s   girls are very inspired from the  characters of Disney .Here I have different  hair style with the fresh flowers that can make your hairstyle much formal and attractive so  if your wedding is near  and you are going to make  a hairstyle then it  will be good that you choose the fresh natural flower than that of other accessory  the flowers are  great for  every type of themed party  means if your wedding ceremony is in the garden, in the  beach ,seaside and the night wedding parties  so come with us  and see the hairstyles  for the formal  look  of your wedding.

0+ Floral bridal headband with garden roses

1.    On the wedding open your hair with side swept and use the hair band which is made of different colors like pink rose and the red rose with different branches you can go in the garden and lawn with your gown it look so fresh and give you a nice look.
1. Floral bridal headband with garden roses

2.    For your short wavy hair  you can go with the  two layered hair band embellished with the  pink and white roses and the branches  of the leaves  can give you a natural look  and with your  backless gown   this hairstyles are good . Green color small branches are giving your headband a crown look
2. Floral bridal headband with garden roses

3.    Twisted bun  with side parted  hair is  giving you a perfect bridal look  then you can use  tulip, daffodil ,camellia and day lily are used to make this hair band  with the wild herbs of the flowers is giving a  fresh and soft touch to your hair lotus ,jasmine and the all types  of roses can be used in the making of flower headband.

7. Floral bridal headband with garden roses
3. Floral bridal headband with garden roses

4.    Pink rose hair wine can be used as the place of headband if you have short shoulder length hair and you are worried that no style can be made in your short hair then you can go with the simple center parted hair with long vines of the flowers can seems your hair voluminous. Mostly dahlias flower is used to decorate the hair band and you can use the orange vines with your orange flower.

4. Floral bridal headband with garden roses

5.    On your side parted  braid   you can  use  pink fluffy rose with your   white gown and the vines  of green and white  color  and in your twisted braid you can also go with this hair band  it is giving you a perfect  night time wedding party  because in this hairstyle you look hot.

5. Floral bridal headband with garden roses

6.    Curly messy bun with side bangs is  very sexy hairstyle on the wedding  and you can make a  floral headband by yourself  with the combination of different flowers it  will be made a great and  nice  that will be give you an elegant and cozy look .

6. Floral bridal headband with garden roses


go with the fresh flowers but keep a thing in your mind these herbs are not too much lengthy and any insect in these vines because when you will use this hair band in your hair this insect can hurt you. But it is good to go with the fresh things because fake thing has not a worth which has a real one.


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