Fetching 2016 “Omorfi “Collection at Fashion Parade London by Saira Rizwan

June 16, 2016 |

Omorfi collection by Saira Rizwan:

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We found Saira Rizwan with her fest8ibe and most recent collection “Omorfi” at prestigious ramp of fashion Parade London; I must say that her latest collection rocked the event by its stunning patterns. Saira truly justified her iconic place in Pakistan fashion industry by expressing this standard collection and she explained this collection as “it means beautiful in Greek. We took inspiration from the beautiful city if Santorini. The colours in the collection are the colours I feel this summer”. This compact elaboration was enough to take exclusive estimate of this fabulous collection.

Grand show of 2016 fashion Parade was celebrated at deluxe place Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. Saira was there to define the allure grace of her latest designed collection. To rock this summer, this collection is fantastically matchless. I am sure that you will be tremendously inspire from these unique stitching patterns, hues, latest wearing ideas and sophisticate embellishing manifestations all are teemed with standard magnificence. For bold Asian diva, these splendid wearing ideas are just terrific to grab a prominent look during this summer. So bold and charming fashonista mist get ready to look more fascinating, more exclusive and excellently terrific at this summer seasonal events. Let’s discuss fabulous magnificence, classy expressions and embellishing touches of this immaculate collection offered by competent Saira Rizwan.

Long open jacket style dress:

1 Saira Rizwan 'Omorfi' Collection at Fashion Parade London 2016
Embroidered lace stuffed sleeveless long open jacket is paired with plain blouse and fetching printed Capri pant to produce fascinating grace of fetching formal dress. Fashion jewelry and matching high heel shoes are best to carry this fascinating dress exclusively.

Embroidered and plain patterns:

2 Saira Rizwan 'Omorfi' Collection at Fashion Parade London 2016 (1)

3D embellishing vision of intricate embroidery, sleeveless elegance and open style are creating an awesome shirt which is aired with plain trouser. To look compact at summer formal events, this elegant dressing idea is matchless. Go with bun hairstyle and decent jewelry accessories to look superbly terrific.

Summer long skirt dress:

3  Saira Rizwan 'Omorfi' Collection at Fashion Parade London 2016 (3)

Printed long skirt and lace stuffed sleeveless open style jacket with same colored blouse are creating an inspiring dress which is fabulous to tackle this summer party events excellently. Center parted bun hairstyle, bright makeup and impressive jewelry accessories are best to combo with this alluring dress.

Oversize top with flare pajama:

4 Saira Rizwan 'Omorfi' Collection at Fashion Parade London 2016 (4)

Plain stuffed off the shoulder oversize top is combined with printed flare pajama; this adorable classy dressing style is terrific choice for young fashionista. You can go with wavy undo hairstyle and bright lipstick to rock the semi formal events. I am sure that this dress will make you prominent and exclusive among all crowds.

Asymmetrical one piece dress:

6 Saira Rizwan 'Omorfi' Collection at Fashion Parade London 2016 (6)

Gorgeous asymmetrical pattern one pie dress for night part celebrations is shared here. Sleeveless elegance, illusion neckline and floral embellishing vision are increasing terrific magnificence of this trendiest dress. Select some formal jewelry pieces and curly (or bun hairstyle) to look decent and amazing at night party events.

Pastel hue elegance:

7 Saira Rizwan 'Omorfi' Collection at Fashion Parade London 2016 (7)

Light shaded expressions are consumed in fascinating stitching to producer immaculate dress for sophisticate ladies. Peplum style sleeveless printed short is paired with transparent stuffed fancy trouser. Idea of wearing decent high heel shoes and necklace is awesome to enhance fascinating elegance of this trendy dress.

Best expression of peach hue:

8 Saira Rizwan 'Omorfi' Collection at Fashion Parade London 2016 (8)

Esteemed peach hue is engaged with trendiest stitching designing to define the grace of terrific dress. Draped style sleeveless plain loose top with fancy printed flare pajama are accentuating an admiring dress for young divas. go with matching pumps and immaculate makeup to rock the formal celebrating event by your classy look.


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