Fancy and Stylish Hair Comb for Brides

June 13, 2016 |

Gorgeous   hair comb for the wedding

0. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

On the wedding day the things are going to be change in the life of two persons   and   on this day everybody is in happy mood  not only groom and bride rather all family members, relatives ,friends and the neighbors  because   it is full time  chill and fun  where  we talk about the  wedding the first thing which comes in our mind is   wedding dress and bridal look  and it is fact that your hairstyle can change your overall look . If you have short hair then it tell you something different about your personality and long hair girls are very different from   short hair girls but here we are talking about the combs which are trendy now a day’s yes hair comb which are so much stylish and attractive and it can your simple hairstyle formal. Now a day many  head pieces are available in the  market    like comb, headband ,  clip ,brooches, pins etc  in the form of  crystals, rhinestone,  floral ,plastic  ,beads and pearl .if your wedding is here  and you want to make a good hairstyle  then you must use  it  see the different style  of hair comb.

0+ Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

Different wedding combs for you brides:

1.    If you have medium length hair and it is cut in the wavy layered  haircut  then  make half up and half down hairstyle in a twisted way and use the  floral beaded comb at your one side  on the hair it look  so nice  with your gown.
1. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

2.    Many brides are inspired  by the vintage  brides then they can select the vintage style  hair comb  beaded floral  silver and golden  color intricate pattern  hair comb  on your  twisted   updo  with side bangs   it  is giving you a perfect vintage look .
2. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

3.    On the wrapped bun you can use the ivory  pearl   with rhinestone  leave style comb   is very elegant it can be used by the bridesmaid also   in your  shiny golden hair  this comb is add much beauty.

3. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides
4.    If you are inspired from the   boho fashion because some brides like to live independently and boho want to do what they want and their comb are also used by many brides in your ombre  shade hair make a  twisted  bun with the golden and silver color combination  golden leaves with the rhinestone flowers  comb is boho style.
4. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

5.    Some brides like the net stuff they select it in their dress also they can go with  the  floral   net and chiffon  fabric   comb  with tiny pearls it look  great if you use it with your casual dress because it is very decent and simple  and  in your wavy  curly bun it looks nice.
5. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

6.    Rhinestones with the pearls comb is made in an intricate pattern this comb can be used with the   pearl embellish dress with your backless dress make a top bun and add this comb to more fancier and wedding hairstyle.
6. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

7.    Artificial multi shaded plastic and marble made flowers   clip is very beautiful and it can be used by the young girls with their casual and semi formal dress.  Make half up and half down hairstyle but side braided is also nice choice and this comb is decent for rustic wood wedding.
7. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

8.    Double layered   tiny pearl chained comb with the little buttons looking very simple and attractive you can use it on your messy bun with your backless dress for the anniversary of your relatives and friend you can use it with your royal blue, black and red color dress and high heel sandal.
8. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

9.     Rustic style  leaves with the metal and marble embellishing   is very elegant  it is nice when you are going on your  date  with  boyfriend  this metal style comb can be used for the  beach side wedding ceremony because it can’t be spoil  so make the one sided French tail and user it .
9. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

10.    Hair combs are not only in the silver color you can bu8u  it in silver color also  metal   style leafs with the crystal’s  flowers and  double layered  chained    with the tiny pearls  uit look so shiny and fancy at the night  time wedding ceremony   with it you can  make braided hairstyle and   touch of  little shimmer in the hair.
10. Fancy and stylish hair comb for brides

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