Fabulous Collection Of Gold Bracelets, Bangles & Handcuffs

November 8, 2017 |

The craze of ladies for jewelry is coming from centuries and they are crazier about wearing gold ornaments including necklace, earrings, neck chains, rings, bracelets, hand cuffs and bangles also. Long ago, women loved to wear heavy gold jewelry to show off their wealth but the trend now has changed and in this modern world, they look for delicate and lightweight gold jewelry.

Lightweight gold jewelry work best for casual and semi formal occasions and we have brought some lightweight and delicate designs hand jewelry including bracelets, bangles and hand cuffs. Click through to see our selected assortment of hand jewelry that you can use for casual, semi formal and everyday wear also.

Loop style bracelet:

This loop style bracelet is looking tremendously beautiful and amazing with single pearl. You can wear it with your stylish dress for informal event and this unique style bracelet will force people to look at it again and again.

Knotted handcuff with delicate chain bracelet:

The pair of knotted handcuff and delicate gold chain bracelet is looking fantastic. By wearing this gold pair with black belted wrist watch you can really grab the attention of the people towards your hand.

Thick octagon cuff:

Gold cuff in the geometric octagon shape is truly an amazing and unique piece. A stylish and fashion conscious girl can wear it alone casually for a minimalist look or to make her bold statement. This gold octagon cuff will definitely catch the attention of the beholders.

Dainty chain gold bar bracelet:

This delicate and lightweight bracelet is best for women who love to wear lightweight jewelry for casual or everyday wear. They can layer this delicate gold bar bracelet with other bracelets, bangles and cuffs also to look more stylish and attractive.


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