Exclusive Tena Durrani at PBCW Bridal Collection 2014

September 27, 2014 |

Tena Durrani, prologue:

Tena Durrani is prestigious fashion icon of Pakistan fashion industry. From 2005 to up till now, Tena is working to soothe the aspirations of high ended fashion lover people. Grand fashion show Pentene Bridal Couture is held twice a year. In this year this festive show is held in Karachi on 9* May to 11 may. Most of high ranking identities of Pakistan fashion industry showcased their enchanting and latest collection.

Tena was one of them who presented her elegant bridal collection at this jovial event. Here we are going to explore these bridal dresses which represented by Tena at PBCW. These marvelously amazing dresses are tremendously excellent due to their opulence of embellishments and their enchanting stylish dexterity. Let’s talk about these terrific bridal dresses which are specially designed for extraordinary splendid tastes.

Sleeveless long shirt with lehanga:

1 orange Tena Durrani dresses at PBCW Bridal 2014

This excellent bridal dress is presented the charming grace of long sleeveless shirt which is marvelously paired with fabulous lehanga wearing. This flare designed lehanga is greatly excellent and exploring the charming beauty of banarsi fabric. Heavy bedecked shirt is presenting the elegance of splendid ornaments. Precocious ornaments and marvelous stitching beauties are increasing fantastic grace of this dress.

Knee length shirt with gararah:

2 pink Tena Durrani dresses at PBCW Bridal 2014

This tremendously graceful bridal dress is exploring enchanting grace of traditional wearing style. Full sleeve long shirt is fetchingly paired with awesome gararah wearing. Marvelous grace of full bedecked dupatta is further creating a majestic elegance. Superb embellishments with highlighting floral embroidery are highly fascinating and increasing alluring beauty of this terrific bridal dress.

Front open sleeveless shirt:

3 colourful Tena Durrani dresses at PBCW Bridal 2014

Enchanting grace of multi colored magnificence is conspicuous in this fantastic dress. Superb elegance of charming stitching beauties is also creating an excellent expression. In awesome front open sleeveless shirt demonstrations, this fabulous dress is beautified. Floral embroidery and precious ornaments are further increasing magnificence of this marvelous bridal dress.

Heavy bedecked dress:

4 latest Tena Durrani dresses at PBCW Bridal 2014

This colorful heavy bedecked traditional bridal dress is greatly excellent in stylish dexterity. From elegant and rich expression embellishments this prestigiously well designed bridal dress is beautified. Grace o shimmering ornaments are further exploring charming magnificence of this gorgeous dress. For extraordinary splendid tastes, this alluring bridal dress is highly fascinating.

Awesome designs of charming dresses by Tena Durrani:

Here we are sharing an exclusive gallery which is teemed with such excellent designs of bridal dresses which is desired by high ended modish girls. In our shared gallery you can take fantastic glance of these marvelous bridal dresses and can select most fabulous and authentically gorgeous bridal dress for your charming and classy personality.

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