Exclusive Spring Summer Collection By Zuhair Murad for Western Ladies:

April 11, 2016 |

Zuhair Murad spring summer collection:

Fort this season Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad is engaged to discover most immaculate and tremendously enchanting outfits for bold western divas. He is mainly interested in those exclusive pasterns which have great relevance with spring summer. Like many other worldwide fashion designer, he also disclosed his most recent spring summer collection to rock the fashion country gentry.

Here we are mainly interested in talking about his spring summer collection which is based best appropriate spring summer patterns and vast range of stitching concepts are working in to determine the impressive  status of this collection. Intricate stitching vision, appealing print patterns and alluring wearing styles are merged to explored tremendously exciting outfits for western diva. To rock the western world and to explore the skinny beauty of western fashionista, these magnificent attires are matchless selections. To define girlish beauty in most fascinating way and to justify the seductive skill of femininity, this adorable collection has fatal charisma. Let’s discuss edgy cuts, intricate designing concepts and best print designs of these amazing attires.

Flora prints vision:

1 Zuhair Murad SS 2016 collection for western women (5)

Few can achieve such dexterity to grab the beauty of spring but this designer captured the mysterious beauty of spring in his designing art. Red blossom rose at black background are producing sizzling grace. These flora inspired gorgeous clothes are immaculate in their designing art and best to tackle the spring evening functions with great confidence.

Black charm of dresses:

2 Zuhair Murad SS 2016 collection for western women (10)

Black lace gowns, capes with bell bottom, short maxis and pant coat are producing allure grace which is ideal for bold fashion lovers. These black plain classy attires are matchless for young ladies from different field of life. To determine an individual and particular personality status, these black stylish costumes are immaculate selection. Get ready to explore classy grace in this spring summer season in most flattering way.

Strap printed elegance:

3 Zuhair Murad SS 2016 collection for western women (17)

To capture the romantic nature of spring, designer took the source of spring hues as red, white and black and merged them in strap print pattern. Strap printed fabric stuff are consumed in various stitching designs. Gown, skirts, tunics, pant and tops and button down shirts are expressing this print elegance. These strap printed spring inspire outfits are perfect choice for young fashionista to boost up classy magnificence of their teen personality.

Haute red costumes:

4 Zuhair Murad SS 2016 collection for western women (22)

To define sensational feminine beauty in exclusive dresses designer select the red mainly. Ed in indication of spring, romanticism, passion and love and b y using these symbols designer have designed allure sensual attires for spring and summer seasonal formal events. to look prominent in spring and summer celebration, these best styled formal costumes are tremendously fetching choice to look compact and haute.

White with different contrasts:

5 Zuhair Murad SS 2016 collection for western women (33) - Copy

This compact collection has something superb also for sophisticated young divas. White is mainly paired with other hues to define the decent grace of classy costume. These best designed adorable attires are perfect to tackle the spring summer events. Dazzling spring hues are paired with romantic prints to stimulate the young divas to explore the romantic nature in bold way. For young fashionista its time to be confident to wear exact and most vivacious romantic print patterns and allure touches.

Fashion tip:

all pattern and designing visions of this collection is tremendously special, classified and best for those events which have romantic themes. These outfits are not for casual public appearances, so be selective about these dresses and wear I when these can take their immaculate expressions

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