Exclusive Shawls and Wraps Collection from Outlanders to Beat the Winter

May 4, 2016 |

Outlanders are giving the knit patterns to make your winter a heavy bunch full of charm. In winter days, the most fascinating things for us are the warm clothes to prevent from icy and frozen winter, so seeking for the best winter accessories we find the shawls and wraps from outlanders that are just the right match for your winter appearance. The series Outlanders has won the hearts of audience due to taking us back in the 20th century and surely with the fashion statements that have been used in the series have captured the attention mostly the Clair shawls and wraps. So get ready to be the Outlanders this winter season by wearing chic and warm classy pieces shawls and wraps to be the fashionista of old time in a new way and surely in the new world.
Basically different hand knitted shawls and wraps provide you a chance to live openly in winter without fearing the cold because high quality yarn used in the collection is just incredible to take advantage of the opportunity. Different patterns of knitting is also interesting for the buyers inspired from past, so own for the ravishing pieces and make the winter marvelous showing your outlander shawls wrapped in different ways with any of clothes.

Hand knitted shawl:

1. Beautiful knitted shawl

The cool look outlander shawl is exquisite not only for young girls but for mommies too. You may wrap this shawl while going to shop in winter days or to have your work in the outside areas. Match the shawl with your casual dresses and cover the shoulders to be fit and perfect in frozen time of the year.

Designed shawl for girls:

2. Celtic cabled shawl

The Celtic cabled shawl has maximum shawl that you may pair with winter dressing. Wear leggings and sweaters with thigh high boots and take this long shawl that you may cover at head too, it’s up to you whether you want to wrap completely or to put on shoulders just to be a fine fashion statement.

Triangle knitted Clair shawl:

3. Outlander claire rent shawl

Well in winter season there are plans to visit different areas or countries and for the northern side areas you need to be dressed just be a fine winter inspiration but cannot avoid maintaining every look. To be looking good going with this Clair triangle knitted shawl would not be wrong.

Outlander cowl wrap:

4. Handknitted wrap from oultlanders

Well this wrap from outlander will be great focused wearing for our mothers and grandmother as the warm knitted pattern wrap would elevate you the extra comfort. The wrap is fine from functional point of view as well as trendy to take the old and new both hues in it.

Blue shawl wrap:

5. Claire shawl wrap

The blue color of this shawl wrap is getting prominent; just wear it with different clothing styles like over jeans, leggings, tops, sweaters, coats and cardigans. To be more prominent have light makeover but with lush lipstick shades that can make the whole overview fantastic.

Outlander rustic cowl wrap:

6. Brown cowl neck wrap

In the rustic inspired theme parties, trying this brown cowl hand knitted wrap in no time will make you the true fashionista of classic times. While taking the all browns in your appearance, add some color tit bits to be trendy and gorgeous. Lift up all the hairs in the classic buns or up do giving the perfect inspiration of rustic apparel.


While pairing these wraps and shawl, try to match the colors with your dressing but don’t be the full of colors in single apparel that will destroy the overall look.



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