Dresses for Indian Bride’s Engagement Party

January 28, 2015 |

Engagement Dresses Ideas:

Engagement party means a party that is planned when two persons take a decision to spend their whole life with each other by marrying. Traditionally, this party was organized from the side of bride I mean the family of the girl arrange it but now both families I mean bride’s  & groom’s families organize this party with joint efforts. It is a party in which you o your parents share the news of future wedding with your matte before your friends & relatives. Ring is a very essential item for this party.

So, I think you must look stylish, beautiful & stunning on this party because everyone will be going to see with your mate. You both need to discuss what to wear on engagement party so that you will look perfect couple.

On this page, girls who will be going to be engaged soon can get ideas about various styles of outfits that they can wear on this party. These ideas exclusively belong from the eastern style of clothing. So, only eastern girls can get ideas of clothes from this post for their engagement day. Let’s have quick look!

Embroidered Gown for Engagement Day:

1 engagement party dresses for indian bride (3)

You can go with a very beautifully embellished gown style dress as shown into the above photo. Gown can add very fabulous touch into your tire personality. It can make you to look like a fairy on your engagement.

Anarkali Frock Idea:

2 engagement party dresses for indian bride (1)

Another interesting outfit that you can choose for engagement day is the Anarkali frock. It will look very traditional & can add a Magalia touch into your personality. You can look like a royal woman by wearing it on your engagement day.

Saree for Engagement Party:

3 engagement party dresses for indian bride (7)

In India, mostly women like to wear saree on their engagement party. So, you should think about a fancy saree as shown into the above picture. Saree can you an eastern woman look with lots of grace & elegance.

Lehenga Choli for Engagement:

4 engagement party dresses for indian bride

Mostly people think that Lehenga choli is an outfit that is perfect only for wearing on wedding day. But it is not a right opinion because now days mostly girls are wearing decently designed lehenga cholis on their engagement parties also.

Tips to Choose Right Engagement Dress:

You must keep some points into your mind before choosing a dress for engagement such as; firstly you to explore new trend & styles of outfits so that you can follow the current trend. Secondly, you need to be careful about colors, choose a nice combination.

Don’t go with lots of shades. Go with light shades or vivid shades. For engagement mostly light shades are preferable. If you like dark & dark color suits on your complexion then you can go with dark or vivid shades.

Thirdly, you can break the uniformity by trying something new & creative. Fourthly, after choose right dress you need to pay attention on your hairstyle & make-over.  Fifthly, choose perfect footwear with your dress. Buy a pair of footwear in which you feel comfortable. Look towards the following pictures & get more ideas!

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