Different Ways to Wear Hijab for Girls

March 15, 2016 |

Step by Step Ways to Wear Hijab:

How many hijabs you have in your wardrobe?  10 or 15 or more? I think almost 70% out of 100% girls of this world like to wear hijab. Yes, dear hijab has been becoming a widely famous accessory in all over the world. In the previous years, it was only associated with Muslim girls but now in this current age it has gotten a worldwide popularity & now along with Muslim girls, the non Muslim girls are also preferring to wear it casually as well as formally. So, the demand for hijabs is increasing day by day. Furthermore, when such a popular accessory is in fashion then of course there are lots of intelligent stylists who are paying attention towards how you can carry a hijab & trying to invent different ways of wearing hijab. With the passage of time new & chic ways are introduced. Here on this blog, I actually try to share these ways with you so that you can also follow the latest way of wearing hijab. Today, I also bring some chic styles of wearing hijabs with step by step instructions. The pictorial tutorials are also shown. Take a look & make a style statement in street by wearing hijab in some unique way!

How to Wear a Triangular Shape Hijab?

How to Wear a Hijab in Styles (1)

•    Here into the above picture you can view a girl who first wears a cape on her head.
•    Then she holds a triangular shape scarf in her hand.
•    Then she set this on her head in such a way that the corner of triangle go at back side. The left & right of triangle scarf are in her left & right hand.
•    She holds these corners from the middle & set both with each other at the back of head with pin (As you can view in picture).
•    Now she holds the remaining left corner & set it towards the right side of neck under the right side piece of scarf.
•    You are done.
How to Wear a Hijab in Styles (2)

This is another picture for wearing a hijab in triangle style. Take a deep look & learn.

Wear Hijab in Turban/Updo Style:

How to Wear a Hijab in Styles (3)

If you want to wear hijab in some funky & smart way then follow this undo style.
•    First wear a cape on head.
•    Now wear a long scarf on head (as shown in step 1).
•    Now take left & right side of scarf at the back of your head & bring these again on front side by making cross at back (as shown in step 2).
•    Starts to wrap left strap of scarf like a turban style on your head & secure this turban style at back of head with safety pin (as shown in 3 & 4 step).
•    Now similarly, straps to wrap right side scarf strap on head like turban & secure with pin at back (as shown from step 5 to 8)
•    Now decorate your hijab with pin or fancy brooch.

How to Wear Tightly Wrapped Islamic Style Hijab with Cape?

How to Wear a Hijab in Styles (4)

Into the above picture you can see a just perfect tightly worn Islamic hijab style step by step tutorial. Take a deep look & then try these steps at home. I am sure you can do it. The first to third steps in above picture are same as describes into the previous updo/turban style. The only difference is instead of wrapping the second strap of cloth around head like turban; here the girl use this second strap of scarf is to hide the bustline area.

Tutorial for Wearing Hijab in Loose Style:

How to Wear a Hijab in Styles (5)

It is another interesting tutorial to wear a hijab in loose style. I think no description is required. Just look & learn. It’s very easy. I am sure you can do it. Best of luck!

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